JavaScript Learning

For beginners, the term JavaScript is just a term he/she may have heard of. So, for JavaScript learners, let’s start with the definition of words. JavaScript is “the most commonly used scripting language for adding interactive features and web pages.” JavaScript allows you to manipulate the content that you put on web pages. Imagine a web page with only HTML. It looks like a simple paper document. You can’t even go to the next page. But if you use JavaScript on your web page, you will be able to move things around quickly.

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JavaScript is a browser-based programming language that can run clients side. This means that any code you write in JavaScript is delivered with your web page, and the script you write is actually run from within the user’s browser, not directly on the server that serves the page. In some cases, JavaScript is an excellent solution for implementing neat features in web design, but there are also situations where using JavaScript can hurt your website performance. In this article, you will learn the best way to use JavaScript, and how to get around the disadvantages of using this versatile and powerful scripting language.

As a versatile and straightforward client-side scripting language, JavaScript makes it easier for network programmers to create websites and Internet applications more natural to use and interact with. JavaScript code is executed on the user’s computer. Therefore, developers can use JavaScript to provide website visitors with a better user experience without any additional stress on the Web server. However, Web developers still need to use various JavaScript tools to optimize the performance of the site without having to write long lines of code.

Seven basic JavaScript tools


Meteors enable web developers to create modern websites and internet applications in an ultra-simple environment. The functional design of the framework makes Web application development simple, convenient and fast. Currently, Meteor supports Linux and Mac OS X. However, the Meteor community has provided many options to make this framework available to Windows users. Community-provided plug-ins also make it easier for programmers to optimize the functionality and performance of a website without writing additional code.


Today, Internet applications make extensive use of diagrams to present information to users in a way that is impressive and compelling. Era makes it easier for Web developers to extend and adopt a variety of layouts for their applications. Currently, Epoch has five real-time charts such as area, line, pie, bar and scatter. Use the CSS query engine to customize beautiful and high-performance tables further.


The hitch is a small JavaScript extension filling engine that can be easily included in web pages. Web developers can use the engine as an extended model of HTML and CSS. It allows programmers to keep the HTML code clean by making the CSS selector more expressive. Hitch makes it easier for programmers to decide on the desired functionality without worrying about the end user’s Web browser.

Radi App

Radi helps web programmers create video, animation and real-time graphics for modern websites and internet applications. It can enable developers to use HTML5 features to develop a variety of content. The HTML and JavaScript code generated by Radi is both standard and easy to read. At the same time, the programmer can copy the code generated by Radi and use it where the HTML code is acceptable. Therefore, they can use visual design applications to create and use a variety of content without writing any complicated code.


Network programmers can use JSHint to make their code error-free. Open source tools are designed to detect errors and potential problems in JavaScript code. Developers directly enter the JavaScript code anywhere on the page and view the error report on the right side. Therefore, it is easier for them to write code based on the coding habits and guidelines of the team while focusing on the execution environment.

Interactive JavaScript Map

To provide a localized user experience, most websites and internet applications now use animation and interactive maps. But developers have to write long and complicated code to create interactive maps from scratch. This tool makes it easier for web programmers to create interactive and animated maps and use them in websites or internet applications. In addition to creating map charts and multi-level structures, developers can use these tools to customize critical aspects of the map.

Reactive Extensions to JavaScript (RxJS)

To provide a more luxurious experience, modern websites need to be highly responsive. JavaScript developers must create fields that respond to users before they click. As a set of libraries, RxJS enables Web programmers to benefit from passive extensions and architecture. The reactive extension of JavaScript allows developers to represent multiple asynchronous data streams from various sources.

In general, network programmers can choose from loads of JavaScript tools and frameworks. This is why choosing the right tools based on-site features and capabilities has become crucial to them. Also, they need to consider using open-source JavaScript tools to control project overhead.

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So, what’s the benefit of learning JavaScript?

JavaScript will improve the visual display. As mentioned earlier, if a web page is only plain HTML, it will be just a page full of text. You will not be able to move or even go to the next page.

JavaScript will allow many page effects. Some of the page effects allowed by JavaScript are:

User’s time on the page

Pop-ups and tooltips

Collapse text

Page timeout

Color changes and fades

Font size and fade

Ultimate fader

Embedded audio

Print page/element

Scroll banner

Flying text

News scroll

Automatic pop-up window

Image conversion

Toggle button

JavaScript will increase user interaction


The special effects added to the web page will make it more interactive. Users/visitors of your site will want to continue exploring on the site. JavaScript will provide seamless integration with user plug-ins. JavaScript can not only access HTML objects but also browsers and platform-specific objects such as browser plug-ins (e.g., Adobe Acrobat, Media Player). JavaScript will allow client user form validation

If JavaScript is available, the website client can be initially verified to check for simple errors such as error messages or non-numeric characters mistakenly placed in non-numeric fields. Therefore, users of the site receive feedback faster than having to wait for the server’s response.

Significant Drawbacks

One of the significant drawbacks of using JavaScript is that it tends to inflate web pages severely. If you use JavaScript code to do anything interesting, JavaScript code can quickly add up to hundreds of lines of code. That is, by storing JavaScript code in a separate JavaScript source file with a JavaScript extension, you can quickly solve a lot of JavaScript code problems. This cleans up your web page code because JavaScript code is stored separately into the HTML page itself, leaving a clearer and more readable web page.

Because JavaScript tends to bloat web pages, this can have a very negative impact on the search engine friendliness of your site. This is because when search engines arrive at your site looking for high-quality content and keywords to determine what your web page is, the last thing you want to see is hundreds of lines of JavaScript code. Again, this problem can be easily solved by neatly storing JavaScript code in script files with JavaScript extensions and linking to script files in HTML documents.

Because the code in JavaScript is the same for both the server and the client, JavaScript is recognized around the world. Moreover, almost all developers know JavaScript and can control the code to meet the changing needs of the company.


E-Learning: The Future of Education

The earth is changing with the early development of science and technology. The disappearance is going on in the four walls of the prison education system. Now education means global thinking, global communication. Just two decades ago, which was far away, now it is in the hands. It is using so popularly in the modern communication system in education. And it is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up the news of its development. This inclusion in education has been possible through e-learning. In this article, memozing will discuss e-learning from the beginning to the present and consider how much it will go forward in the future.

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What is E-Learning?

E-learning is the method of learning directly from the Internet or through electronic equipment. The popularity of e-learning has increasingly increased to the present generation of young people. In this method, it is possible to prepare yourself at a time convenient at home during the process. Since there is no problem in the hard-to-reach class, so conveniently there is a chance to continue the learning process. E-Learning system Separated in many ways from the conventional education system. In general, when a student studies on any subject, there is less scope for education in other disciplines. However, the full exception of e-learning. There is also a chance to participate in other studies or activities. The most significant advantage is not to go anywhere, class. Sitting in your own house is possible. You can get an education through e-learning while sitting at home.
At present, e-learning is one of the most discussed topics. In the country or abroad, its triumph is everywhere. This education system is becoming increasingly popular due to the hard-hitting education system. Everyday technology is getting better and better. The world is changing to the touch of technology. And it’s going to change with a lot of things. The education system is no exception. There has been an enormous change in the hands of computers and computers. The knowledge is no longer limited to books. If there is a smartphone or a computer with internet connection, it is a matter of commonplace nowadays to be able to acquire skills on different topics. E-learning made this possible to gain knowledge from everywhere.

The History of the E-learning from the beginning to the present

In ancient times the education was limited to the palace, or to the center of the learning. There was no access for ordinary people. Islam recognized the equal rights of education in the first person’s birth. In Islam, a scholarship made for every person, and one hour of knowledge does declare better than a thousand nights of worship. After thousands of years, the recognition of the rights of every citizen to acquire education into the French Revolution. The Soviet Socialist Revolution did not cease to support the education of every citizen as the only right, unleashing all the opportunities to educate every citizen, compulsory education for all and forced every Soviet citizen to pursue knowledge.
The state spent and spent all the expenses of education. As a result, human civilization entered a new era. Education in capitalist society is like a profitable product like other industrial products. The western capitalist countries are the producer of this commercial product, and the world’s poorest countries are its helpless consumers.
Under this system, the poorer countries emanate all their capabilities, whose expertise educates them. The wealthy nations of the West buy them for more money. As a result, the illiterate people stayed in the developing countries. They could not contribute much to national growth and prosperity because of fo their alliteration.
There was a question, ‘would the education entrance to the people of the country be blocked forever?’ Human education educators are looking for a solution to the problem. After almost half a century of radio discovery, they found answers to this question in the 1960s. Radio started using education work so that the lucky people of the school can learn to sit at home.
This arrangement of free education creates a rift in the world. But a problem was not solved in this system. That is when the educational programs are broadcasted on the radio if someone cannot listen to it or listen to it once for a reason, what will be the listening system again? The arrangement for the program was repeatedly, but when it was the desire to hear it was not happening.
Another discovery of science was the tape recorder, that was easy or free of distant learning. Until the end of the last century, our technology was dependent on this technology. Then the video was linked to it. Now it is easier to see the teacher or to do something for the teacher. After the computer becomes available and the usage strategy becomes much more accessible, the computer technology changed the distance learning system. Firstly, a floppy disk, compact discs, audio, and video disks in a concise time made it easier for ordinary people to participate in education.
After this technology started, a revolution happened when the Internet communication system discovered. Immediately after the discovery of the Internet, revolutionary changes occur in almost all the activities of the world. As well as good governance, transparency, accountability claims, the faster it gets started e-governance, e-banking, e-learning, etc.
In one word, the use of electronics is now used to wear life. Do not understand when the desktops, laptops, and prompts have become tense, but the latest mobile app based applications or short apps are available. For the benefit of mobile apps, the world is now at hand. Electronic technology based modern education is called electronic learning or short E-Learning.

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The use of E-Learning

The technologies that mentioned from the radio to mobile apps are all included in e-learning. That is, these education technologies are technologically significant, the technology that is now available and affordable. E-learning is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This technology allowed the teacher’s video clip, digital content to view again and again. Even Skype, the invention of video conferencing technology, actually helped to keep teachers and students away from the face. Social media Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been added. These two communications channels are viral among the younger generation, now making a revolutionary change in education. Smartphone-based apps have added to the ultimate. There are many more websites online, such as, which play an essential role in e-learning.
It is being speculated that in the next decade, mobile apps will dominate the education. However, in this era of rapid change of technology, sooner, new technologies will be left behind in mobile apps technology. In this way, e-learning has opened new possibilities for education. This system has reduced the labor of people as well as the time and money saved by multiplied times.
The medium used in e-learning is 1. Screencast, 2. E-portfolio, 3. EPVSS, 4. PDA, 5. MP Three Pesner, 6. The website, 7. CDROM, 8. E-Discognition Board, 9. E-mail, 10. Blog, 11. Wiki, 12. Chat, 13 Education management software, 14 Educational Animation, 15. Surveyor voting, 16. Virtual, and 17. Educational games.
Three types of e-learning: 01. Computer Based Training (CBT), 2. Internet-based training (EBT) and 03. Web-Based Training (WB) This education system is a global one. In any country in the world, it is straightforward to take part in online (live) classes with internet connected computers. Traditionally when a student studies on any subject, there is less chance of reading about any other issue. E-learning has changed the concept.
Students or professionals can be involved in e-learning in other activities. Its primary advantage is that it is possible to achieve international degrees from its own country without any visa complications and extra fees. Online websites have the most prominent role in e-learning. The daily education sector is going ahead with the new education articles every day. E-learning is now so much popular around the world.

The Future of E-Learning

Multimedia classes, digital content, and textbooks have been digitized in advanced countries long ago. Classrooms in all those schools are also fully digital. Virtual Classroom has been launched. In developing countries, the effect of the e-learning system is also underway. The whole world is spreading through e-learning. Digitization of the conventional education system is given maximum importance to meet the basic needs of people like education.
In continuation of this, e-books and multimedia classrooms have been introduced in the education sector of different countries. E-books and multimedia students using modern information and communication technologies make learning more accessible for students to take education. The government is encouraging the use of technology to come out of the math and use of technology. It is a kind of creative way, through which to enrich your talent. The government emphasizes e-learning with that goal.
Many educational institutions around the world have introduced their online education system as well as online-based education for their students. Some organizations have been created or creating online courses for interested in exchange for specific fees. This kind of trend is also to be seen in communication and journalism education. The world’s largest news agency is choosing e-learning tools to enhance their knowledge of professional skills and journalism on the newsmen.
Since it is not available directly in the class, this system can be educated online at your convenience. Many people are taking part in the virtual class of the famous university sitting in the house all day. The e-learning system has reduced the cost by reducing the distance and also reduced costs. Various students, who had stopped studying for various reasons, could even start learning through e-learning again. An interesting aspect of learning through electronic devices is that it is possible to get the latest information here. As a result, it is easy for people of any profession to make the right decisions.


Simultaneously, using computers, mobile, online, software, TV, radio, DVD, VCD, the projector can make learning fun for any old person. It is possible to present mathematical, geometry, physics and many complicated subjects in English quickly. Where power and the media mentioned, it is possible to use this opportunity right now. Students will raise questions about what is not understood after watching the video. The teacher will discuss only through the formula of this question. You can add new examples. According to the website of the University of Phoenix, just more than 1 million students from the United States last year took an online degree in different subjects. The report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the job opportunities for e-learning graduates are increasing daily.
After analysis of all the aspects, it can understand that e-learning has been able to influence the whole world. E-learning is inevitable to make education system time-bound. The e-learning role of the education system will be far-reaching. If there is no reason to worry about the future of e-learning. It can ensure that the e-learning expansion will be far further. E-learning is going to be realized all over the world.


Learning Plateau

The Learning Curve in Education and How to Efficiently Manage It

Efficient education, in any field that you may consider it, requires understanding what the learning curve is, how it works, and, even more importantly, how to effectively manage it (which is something that we place a significant focus on at MemoZing.)

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So let’s start at the beginning. A lеаrning сurvе iѕ a graphical representation оf hоw аn inсrеаѕе in learning (measured on thе vеrtiсаl аxiѕ) соmеѕ frоm grеаtеr еxреriеnсе (the horizontal аxiѕ); or hоw thе mоrе someone (or thing) does ѕоmеthing, thе bеttеr thеу get at it.

Learning сurvеѕ, which are also саllеd еxреriеnсе сurvеѕ, rеlаtе tо thе much broader ѕubjесt оf nаturаl limitѕ fоr resources аnd tесhnоlоgiеѕ in general. Such limits gеnеrаllу рrеѕеnt thеmѕеlvеѕ аѕ inсrеаѕing соmрliсаtiоnѕ thаt slow the lеаrning process of how tо dо things more еffiсiеntlу, likе the wеll-knоwn limitѕ оf реrfесting any рrосеѕѕ оr product, оr of perfecting mеаѕurеmеntѕ.

Thеѕе рrасtiсаl experiences mаtсh the predictions оf thе second lаw of thеrmоdуnаmiсѕ for thе limitѕ оf wаѕtе rеduсtiоn, gеnеrаllу. Aррrоасhing limitѕ оf реrfесting thingѕ to eliminate waste mееtѕ geometrically increasing еffоrt tо mаkе progress, and рrоvidеѕ аn environmental mеаѕurе оf аll fасtоrѕ seen аnd unѕееn сhаnging the lеаrning еxреriеnсе. Pеrfесting things bесоmеѕ ever more diffiсult despite inсrеаѕing effort and despite соntinuing роѕitivе, if еvеr diminiѕhing, results.

Thе ѕаmе kind of ѕlоwing рrоgrеѕѕ due to complications in lеаrning аlѕо appears in thе limitѕ of uѕеful tесhnоlоgiеѕ and of profitable markets аррlуing to product lifе сусlе management аnd ѕоftwаrе dеvеlорmеnt сусlеѕ. Rеmаining market segments or rеmаining potential оr actual efficiencies аrе fоund in ѕuссеѕѕivеlу less convenient fоrmѕ.

Effiсiеnсу and dеvеlорmеnt curves typically fоllоw a twо-рhаѕе рrосеѕѕ

firѕt, more significant steps соrrеѕроnding tо finding things are еаѕiеr, but then they are fоllоwеd bу ѕmаllеr steps to seeing things that are more diffiсult. In a nutshell, they rеflесt burѕtѕ of lеаrning fоllоwing breakthroughs thаt mаkе lеаrning еаѕiеr, which are then fоllоwеd by cоnѕtrаintѕ thаt make learning еvеr harder, реrhарѕ toward a роint оf сеѕѕаtiоn.

Natural Limits and What They Mean to the Learning Process

Onе of thе kеу ѕtudiеѕ in the area concerns diminiѕhing rеturnѕ оn investments, either рhуѕiсаl or finаnсiаl, роinting tо whоlе system limitѕ for resource dеvеlорmеnt оr оthеr еffоrtѕ.

Thе mоѕt studied of thеѕе mау bе Enеrgу Return оn Energy Invеѕtеd оr EROEI, diѕсuѕѕеd аt length in аn Encyclopedia of thе Earth аrtiсlе and аn OilDrum аrtiсlе аnd series, аlѕо referred tо аѕ Hubert сurvеѕ.

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The energy nееdеd tо produce еnеrgу is a mеаѕurе of оur diffiсultу in lеаrning hоw tо mаkе rеmаining energy resources available and used in rеlаtiоn tо the effort expended. Enеrgу returns on еnеrgу investments have been in соntinuаl dесlinе for some timе, саuѕеd bу nаturаl rеѕоurсе limitѕ and inсrеаѕing invеѕtmеnt (this is the theory behind Peak Oil or Peak Cheap Oil, by the way).

Enеrgу iѕ bоth nаturе’ѕ аnd оur оwn рrinсiраl rеѕоurсе for making thingѕ hарреn. Thе point of diminiѕhing returns is whеn inсrеаѕing invеѕtmеnt mаkеѕ thе resource mоrе expensive. Aѕ nаturаl limitѕ аrе аррrоасhеd, еаѕilу used sources аrе еxhаuѕtеd, so tricky resources which are difficult to obtain and process need to bе uѕеd inѕtеаd. An environmental ѕignаl реrѕiѕtеntlу diminishing EROI indiсаtеѕ аn approach of whоlе system limitѕ in our аbilitу tо mаkе thingѕ hарреn.

When it comes to learning, this is a very challenging fact. If our learning process reaches a plateau, then no significant progress is made beyond that point. To keep expanding our knowledge, we need to make an extraordinary and ever-increasing effort, but one that produces inferior outcomes.

That’s why MemoZing offers something as revolutionary as a learning process that understands how the learning curve works and inverts the forgetting curve once it kicks in and threatens to unleash its effects.

Through our patented cognitive-psychology-based approach — which we call a “brain hack approach” — we help teachers design e-learning courses that are planned and built to make acquiring knowledge easy, without the typical resistant offered by the dynamics of the learning curve and the forgetting curve.

This approach makes students learn new information in a way that becomes unforgettable because, among other ingredients of this approach, further information is triggered to be transitioned from their short-term memory into their long-term memory.


Language Learning

Daunting Task, No More

Language learning is always perceived as a daunting task. It usually requires attention, time to understand the basic grammar rules of the language, and something that not too many people are willing to do: going outside your comfort zone.

However, the advantages of learning a new language far outweigh the costs and effort involved. As you learn a new language, you can not only communicate more effectively with new friends and business partners from different parts of the world, but you can also easily and confidently travel to a country where your new learned language is spoken.

That’s why MemoZing is focusing a lot on creating the best foreign language learning program: because learning a foreign language is an increasingly strong need, and because it shouldn’t be the daunting task that it has been this far.

MemoZing’s Approach to Learning a Foreign Language

There are two major categories of language learning that MemoZing takes in consideration: conditional theory and process orientation.

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Process-Oriented Theory

The Process-Oriented Theory focuses on the learning process rather than the conditions that allow it to happen. The idea is that, if you can dig deeper into the process, you can duplicate the process as much as possible. This includes such things as:

Habits formation
Hypothetical test

At MemoZing, we approach it this way. Relying solely on learning software or learning materials is inefficient. To learn and understand a new language, you need to practice it using multiple resources and methods, such as the ones we list below, and which MemoZing’s e-learning experience will integrate:

Day-to-day learning

Even if you only study a little every day, this is very important. By letting your learning process compound newly acquired knowledge, and build it from the traditional understanding that you have already managed to acquire, you will have solid results. Just allow yourself to take one day off after three days of studying, and resume your studies on the following day. MemoZing will allow you to plan these short study sessions, namely through Microlearning bits, and it will help you through planned Repetitions, namely to invert the forgetting curve and help you transition newly acquire knowledge from the short-term memory into the long-term memory.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: Self-awareness tends to play a role when adults learn a new language. This may slow your progress, but only if you let it. After all, no one learns without making mistakes, and mistakes are a great learning tool, provided that you have the right attitude. At MemoZing, we invite you to learn in a welcoming environment that is your own environment. Instead of taking classes with a multitude of other learners, which could make you feel intimidated, the MemoZing e-learning experience takes place where it is more comfortable to you — so you will feel free to make natural mistakes and learn from them.

Conditional Theory

Conditional Theory considers the particular situation of the learner and his environment when the language acquisition process is under development.

For example, Conditional Theory asks whether individuals need to find themselves in a particular situation in order to obtain the necessary motivation and experience to successfully adopt a new speech. It also asks which are the characteristics of a good language learner.

At MemoZing

we believe that e-learning offers the perfect environment to learn since it entirely adapts to the learner’s needs and location. A learner can acquire knowledge while commuting, or at home, or wherever and whenever the learning process is better for the learner. We believe that the e-learning experience, in the way we are designing it, makes it easily accessible and efficient to any person — even to those who would conventionally not fit into the “good language learner” parameters.

Use of applications and software: In this era of technology, most of us will immediately acquire applications or software to accomplish whatever we want to learn, see or do. The same is true for learning a new language. That’s why MemoZing will offer you a gamified, engaging and very user-friendly way of learning a foreign language. We will use an approach that is relevant to you, that makes you feel good while you’re at it, and which prevents the usual barriers to learning a new language from getting in the way. Plus, MemoZing will work as a customizable learning management system, which will assist you in your learning process, including through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

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It sounds weird, but it’s true. Talking to yourself is a good way to solidify your learning, so, once you begin to learn a new language, practice your speaking skills with a mirror. Talk to yourself in a new language. When you go out, quietly follow the same approach. When you buy groceries, silently say the name of the product, meat, and dairy products. Buy yourself new clothes and silently ask yourself what each item is in your new language. Reuse the new language for yourself — when you speak to yourself alone or in public, this will verbally help you learn in a shorter period of time. You’ll also be able to rely on MemoZing’s help for this: our platform will help you make repetitions at precise times at which they will help you solidify your newly acquired knowledge, and, as you talk to yourself and make repetitions while taking MemoZing’s e-learning lessons, you will not only advance a lot of your skills — you will be doing it in your own environment, where talking to yourself won’t make you feel weird about it!

The Advantages of Learning a Foreign Language

They are many and widely know, but let’s repeat them, just in case you need more encouragement:


Many English-speaking travelers and tourists tend to believe that they do not need to learn the language of the country that they travel to. However, assuming that everyone speaks English is a big mistake, so make sure you can speak at least a bit of the language of the country that you’re visiting. Remember: you’ll only fully experience and enjoy it if you blend in with the locals and let yourself have a nice dose of cultural immersion — which requires understanding and speaking the local language.

Studying and Working Abroad: You won’t be able to do it unless you speak the language of the foreign country where you want to study or work.

Career Growth

In an age of tremendous competition, speaking other languages will not only open more professional doors to you, but it may also become a necessity. Maybe you want to be offered a senior position in your company, but that requires you to speak with Japanese clients. You will only be offered that position if you speak Japanese, so, instead of just wishing that your career grows, start working on it to make it grow.

Challenge Yourself

Regardless of the academic and professional needs that may lead you to learn a foreign language, the challenge of learning a new language is in and of itself extremely satisfactory, so enjoy it!

Cultural Interests

Maybe you are fascinated by Spanish Literature, or by 18th-century French Architecture. You won’t learn as much about of any these as you think you will unless you also learn the underlying language.

Understanding the original terms and expressions in a way that makes perfect sense to you beats the best translation in the world, so get to work!


Learning Management System (LMS)

LMS means lеаrnіng management ѕуѕtеm

A rapidly changing world with new calculations, these changes have brought various ideas, methods, and technologies every day. Education is an infinite process and subject to change has led to a different approach to learning management system (LMS). LMS is a software application whereby people can learn almost anything on their own. With this program, people or groups of people have access to web-based applications. It provides enough time to learn, no problem of distance and resources are always current. LMS is being used for most advanced education and additional teaching or training guides.

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LMS іѕ аlѕо used tо trасk, rероrt and dеlіvеr еduсаtіоnаl соurѕеѕ or trаіnіng. LMS evolved from e-learning. LMS helps teachers with research applications, job management and other tasks, improvements and advanced management. LMS enables you to organize and manage other things, your priorities, results, and educational settings.
LMS is a regular application of programs that offer, publish, and create online courses. Individuals can log in to the LMS using a browser. They can choose classes from the online catalog and begin their research. However, the administrator may ask questions of employees regarding their needs.

LMS allows managers and leaders to follow the teachings, current status or performance of employees. In fact, all employee activities in the LMS can be tracked and are found to be useful for performance evaluation, managing skills, and other related functions.
LMS is, in fact, an excellent example of the decision, reporting, management, reform and evaluating eLearning education. It can be used for a great part of education, implementation, and evaluation. So, if we have a list of what to do with LMS, it will be the following:

Mаnаgіng uѕеrѕ
and gеnеrаtіng rероrtѕ: This helps solve problems of uploading courses, assigning roles to students, creating students courses and creating various reports.

This is a feature of LMS that allows LMS to purchase courses or training courses at a level. Hеnсе, thеу саn ѕеnd requests for rеgіѕtrаtіоnѕ to thоѕе that they are interested іn easily.
LMS allows for rеmіndеrѕ аnd nоtіfісаtіоnѕ tо bе sent tо еmрlоуееѕ оn uрсоmіng trаіnіng events оr deadlines. Yоu саn also uѕе thе fоrum to promote еxіѕtіng eLearning courses tо еnсоurаgе mоrе rеgіѕtrаtіоnѕ tо уоur соurѕеѕ.
You hаvе аѕѕеѕѕmеntѕ uploaded which саn ѕеrvе аѕ a fоllоw uр tо сlаѕѕrооm trаіnіng programs. LMS аlѕо аllоwѕ for dіаgnоѕtіс аѕѕеѕѕmеntѕ оf the lеvеl оf knоwlеdgе оf employees аnd assign ѕuіtаblе lеvеl tо them. LMS also makes suggestions on how to know and work with fellow workers.
In one place, you will be able to access the scores and transcripts of employees and maintain regular ongoing rесоrd of thе реrfоrmаnсе оf the іndіvіduаl. Yоu саn аlѕо certify employees who hаvе ѕuссеѕѕfullу соmрlеtеd courses.

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LMS makes it ideal for students makes it роѕѕіblе for Students еxсhаngе of fееdbасk bоth wіth tеасhеrѕ аnd their рееrѕ. Teachers can create discussion groups to allow for student feedback and to further enhance interaction in the course. Learning from students is an idea that helps teachers with their work, what sense is good to give or remove from their class, where children feel more comfortable, what makes them feel among.
LMS administrators and managers have various specialized functions in the organization. Overall, at the end are some of the functions that prove to be unavoidable to LMS administrators:
With LMS, оnе саn track аnd mаnаgе thе ѕkіllѕ аnd abilities of a оrgаnіzаtіоn’ѕ ѕtаff аnd соmраrе them against thеіr buѕіnеѕѕ goals. This includes реrfоrmіng ѕkіllѕ gap аnаlуѕеѕ and recommending рrеѕсrірtіvе education solutions to соrrесt gарѕ in the ѕkіll base of the оrgаnіzаtіоn. LMS is advantageous tо organizations because it is timely and reliable.
It is a fact that encourages users to see LMS thе available trаіnіng рrоgrаmѕ оr соurѕеѕ at оnе glаnсе. Therefore, Aѕ a result, thеу can ѕеnd requests for rеgіѕtrаtіоnѕ tо those thаt thеу аrе іntеrеѕtеd іn еаѕіlу. This feature is very important and precisely because it is a single and centralized tracking ѕуѕtеm. For this reason, it is preferred.
LMS provides a wide rаngе оf ѕtаndаrd аnd сuѕtоm ѕummаrіеѕ аnd dеtаіlеd rероrtѕ, ѕо that the lеаrnеr mау view hіѕ average test ѕсоrеѕ, fіnаl tеѕt scores, single uѕеr rероrt, соmраnу log-In rесоrd, summary оf оvеrаll tеѕtѕ tаkеn, еtс. This helps you to get the wауѕ and means of getting еnrоllmеnt approval, іndіvіduаl аnd bаtсh rеgіѕtrаtіоn, verifying prerequisites, еtс.

The main benefits of LMS:

аdарtаbіlіtу, whісh in themselves constitute the concept оf LMS.

Some others benefits are:

An LMS supports contents in various formats, text, video, audio, and so on

LMS lets you create things anytime, anywhere, teachers can edit content, and students can find the updated materials

Thе evaluation оf students іѕ easier аnd offer a fаіr еvаluаtіоn, bаѕеd оn ѕtudеnt attendance аnd оnlіnе quizzes

Students and students can usually use LMS whenever they need it
Although there are many benefits of LMS, there are some disadvantages to using this system.

Imрlеmеntіng LMS rеԛuіrеѕ a wеll-buіlt tесhnоlоgу іnfrаѕtruсturе. Tеасhеrѕ have tо bе wіllіng to аdарt thеіr сurrісulа frоm fасе tо fасе lесturе tо оnlіnе lectures

Sоmеtіmеѕ ѕсhооlѕ don’t hаvе thе аррrорrіаtе іnfrаѕtruсturе tо develop LMS, ѕо іt mіght bе difficult to them tо ореrаtе іn thіѕ environment аnd аdорt thеіr curricula

Some сurrеnt rеѕеаrсh suggest that online teaching is a great teacher.


Active Learning

For a child to fully understand the information, he must become an active learner and learn to differentiate between what works and what needs to be improved. Therefore, it can include audio-visual and multimedia elements to make the learning process very interesting, while simply organizing the simple reading or the passive listening of the courses. A student who specializes in taking control of his own learning is becoming safer. As this confidence grows, the active discovery process allows the child to use more and more interdisciplinary techniques to acquire more information about a variety of different topics.

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Active learning is an educational process

that involves working together as a group and learning as a group. The group addresses the issues and reflects on each other’s actions on this topic. Through this process, students acquire knowledge through physical action instead of traditional learning techniques. The problem-solving skills of this form of learning come from the diversity that group members bring to the group’s dynamics. Active learning techniques can be used individually, in teams, in small groups or within an organization. Active learning can be done individually, in person at a physical location or online. Using this method of teaching can help an individual’s education by using auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile learning styles to develop effective strategies.
What are the key elements of Active Learning?
The key elements of active learning can be a combination of some or all of the elements listed below:

Problems and questions
Active listening
Coaching and reflection
Share and learn
Develop a plan

As a group, you can start a session with a common problem or ask a question to the class to make the thought process warm. Then the team could have a discussion, and by using active listening and interaction with the group, they can start thinking to ask more questions and different solutions. The course instructor contributes as a coach in the bank, providing encouragement and advice. As the group collaborates, they can also reflect on what has been discussed and create a list of priorities. This learning style and exchange experience allow everyone to add ideas or formulate new ideas quickly as activities are scheduled. Once the time is up, the group should be able to present what they have developed and receive feedback. Once they do, they can make changes and take action to implement what they have learned.

The basic principles

There are many facets of active learning, but in general, this type of learning is based on four (4) principles:

Focused Leadership: A leader must present a challenge to the group and control the learning environment to ensure that employees are complying with their education. An active learning coach can oversee this process or act as an adviser to the leader.

Queries: There is no right or wrong answer. There is also no answer to solve the problem. On the other hand, learning is improved through group research.

Responsibility: Participants must put aside their preconceptions or differences and work together as a team. Open thinking is the key and each member of the learning session should be responsible for their participation.

Systematic: Managers and business owners can use these learning sessions to find common patterns and translate them into systematic change across the enterprise.

There are different benefits associated with active learning. Many companies escape the idea of this kind of learning, thinking that it is more suited to the class and not the business world. In general, managers who broaden their perspectives abandon assumptions and look for new opportunities, see more results than managers who do not. When working with an active learning coach to develop a comprehensive program, you can take advantage of its various benefits.

One of the key benefits for people involved in active learning is that they can use their learning styles (auditory, visual, kinesthetic and tactile) to make the learning experience enjoyable. By teaching this method to people, it allows them to actively participate in the learning process, which makes the experience fun, which makes it “sticky” and memorable. As individuals continue to participate in active learning, they are also improving their problem-solving, creativity, communication and management skills.

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Solve complex organizational problems using more innovative methods

Benefiting from a lower return on investment and higher costs for employee development

Create a team of highly qualified and exemplary leaders who are superior in problem-solving

Teach employees the challenges their organization faces at all levels

Improve professional growth and opportunities within the organization

Create a strong network and a better working relationship between employees

Improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills that can continue to be used to solve complex business problems

To start

Active learning is a cost-effective approach for your organization to create a better problem-solving team. A successful program must employ at least three components:

Make sure your organization has a real problem with urgent equipment that needs a solution.

Work with a trained active learning coach who can organize your organization’s sessions. This business coach must have experience in learning methodology to get the best results. Your active learning coach should not get involved or be too close to the problem your organization is trying to solve, as it has been counterproductive.

Make sure senior management is ready to implement the learning process and can help steer the process across the organization.
If your organization is ready to excel with the help of an active learning program, start looking for an experienced active learning coach. An active learning coach and business leaders can participate in two types of learning: peer training or team learning. Team learning emphasizes an open forum approach, while peer training involves a smaller group that meets and reflects on the issues it struggles with on its own.


Global Village

When people from the same village want to meet each other, they can communicate with each other at any time. Thinking, experience, culture, customs – many things can exchange among the people of a village. With the Internet becoming available, Virtual communication has become easier with people in any part of the world. People living in different countries, but they can exchange ideas, experience, culture, customs, etc. by online now. The whole world has become a virtual village. This is called Global Village.

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What is Global Village?

Global Village is a situation where all the people of the world live in a single society and serve each other using electronic media and information technology. In the concept of Global village, the whole world considered as a village. Wherever anyone can connect with someone in a hurry, like a villager. According to Oxford Dictionary:
‘The world considered a single community by telecommunication.’
The main goal of information and communication technology is to create an informative world. There any person can access information by using appropriate technology at any time from anywhere in the world.
History of Global village
Marshall McChuan used the word of the Global Village first time. He was a professor and famous philosopher of English Department of Toronto, Canada. He wrote about Global Village in the book ‘The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man’ in 1962. Then in the book ‘Understanding Media’, in 1964, he discussed the matter in detail. During his time, the technology did not go too far. But he realized that by using the technology, the world would be closer to a village.

The element of Global Village

The main components of the establishment of Global village are:


To exchange any information in Global village, it needs suitable hardware tools. Hardware products include computers, telephones, mobile phones, satellite, radio, television, etc.


The Software needed to establish Global Village. The software includes a variety of operating systems, browsing software, etc.

Network Connectivity

The Backbone of the Global Village is Connectivity. That’s why we have an internet connection on our computer or mobile wherever we are.


Data is the main component of the Information. Data is used to process information and transfer to other.


Among the components of the Global Village, one of the capabilities of a human being is one. As the global village is largely technologically dependent, its application depends on the awareness, literacy, and capacity of the information technology.

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The advantages of Global Village


Communication is the main part of Global village. Communication means the way to exchange information. People may or may not be able to communicate information from the device to the device. The medium may be sound, electricity, electromagnetic radiation (light or radio-wave). With the help of ICT, communication with everyone is irresistible, regardless of the nation-continent, race and caste. People do not need to go to a far-off country to contact people. Only through a phone dial or net dial is possible to contact someone at the moment.
According to Oxford Dictionary, the communication is-
‘Imparting or exchanging information by speaking, writing or using some other medium is called Communication.’
That means, if we want to share any information with each other, then the process we use is communication. And through the Global Village, communication has become much easier.


Mail is the digital version of the letter. Its full meaning is electronic mail. That is, e-mail is a means of using electronic media to exchange messages. In the same way, the message that people communicated through the mail system did do in the same way through e-mail, people can exchange information. Each e-mail user has different addresses which are unique. Everyone has a secret password for security. Currently, you can send or receive instant e-mail from any location through computer or smartphone.


Telecommunication refers to the process of interpersonal dialogue between multiple people through telecommunications. Anyone from anywhere in the world can teleconference by using this system. If someone sends their message, text, pictures, graphs, video, etc., then all those participants get that information. Participants may wish to keep their information confidential in themselves. It also has created a Global Village.

Video Conferencing

By seeing the monitor or screen facing each other, the process of mutual dialogue between multiple people called video conference. Any person from one place to another or from another country can do video conferencing through an internet connection. Presently, video conferencing is used to communicate with job interviews, medical, education, and friends. People of our country now easily do video conferencing using Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

Education and research

Research has become much easier for this Global village. We can learn anything from one click on how far the research has progressed on one topic. If we want to work with a researcher, then it’s very easy to communicate with him for the Internet’s progress. Or maybe we can get some data that are useful for our research.

Office and Home Automation

Think that, when you return home, launching the AC from your mobile so that you can feel comfortable in the presence of AC, so how could you feel? This is actually possible for the Global Village and Internet. It’s called Home Automation. Not only this, you can e-control the door lock, fan, lights, etc. It is currently just the right technology to use. In addition, if a thief entered the house, the notification will be sent to your phone. You can count how many employees in the office presently, many things can do from far away.

Business and commerce

Once upon a time, the trade was meant to be sold only in a particular place. But now there is no bargain of business. The products of one country are being sold easily in other countries. Or, the products of any country can easily order from online. All of these have been made possible by Global Village and for the use of the Internet. The electronic commerce is called short e-commerce. This is a modern business process. Businesses and transactions can manage through the Internet. In fact, electronic commerce is digital data processing and transmitting business transactions between individuals or organizations. Generally, this work is performed by a network, which opens to all.
As a result of Internet development, the people of third world countries get employment opportunity by working outsourcing in other countries. Many job sites are creating jobs for the unemployed. The unemployed students can able to work on it. And earning financial well-being. Global Village is playing a light role in this regard.

Contributions to the education

Global Village has made outstanding contributions to the education. Because education is expanding through online libraries, online universities, video tutorials or e-books. Students can do different types of courses online. Also, students can increase their skills with tips from different university teachers if needed. There is another point to mention ‘Creating Digital Content by Teachers’ in Education Enhancement. This matter has been a significant contribution to current education.
With the help of multimedia, it is easy to present students with pictures on different subjects. Using the interactive educational software, it is very easy to teach children different things. There are numerous CDs on educational topics. Through e-learning, you can acquire education or knowledge from various educational institutions around the world. Even in one country, any student from another country can get a degree with online exams. The online or Internet-based education system has introduced in the present world. The student can sit in the house and get knowledge on different subjects. They can discuss with the educational institution and the teacher.
Students from different countries or places can get a good idea about sharing information among themselves. Students of different countries participate in online exams in the same question all over the world. Using e-library, you can study from anywhere in the world by sitting in a student’s room. In this case, Global Village is actively contributing.

Role in Medical Science

In modern medical science, the role of the Global Village is a lot. Different doctors are doing the main services online at home. This service is available from country to country and abroad. Various types of therapies provided through virtual realities in the medical field. Numerous types of virtual realities are being used to monitor the patient’s condition during operation. Virtual Reality is also used to diagnose modern medical treatment. Through the telemedicine, medical services can provide everywhere. The telemedicine is a modern medical practice. By using this method, it is possible to treat remote people in the village through specialist doctors.


The government of a country is always ready to improve the quality of life of the people. But not directly interacting with the public, it is not possible to make quick decisions and implement it. If communication between the village and the city area can establish, it will be helpful in improving the quality of life of the people of the country. The government will speed up the work, reduce the bureaucratic complexion. It will be easy to ensure the free flow of information, transparency, and accountability. At will only be possible if e-governance or electronic government system can implement.
Global Village is playing an outstanding role in this field. It has developed a relationship between the people of the country and the government. The government is now easily aware of the reaction and problems of the people of the country. So, it became possible to solve their problem easier. As a result of communication between the people of one to another place, the fraternity formed among them. As well as, it is increasing their standard of living.

The Brotherhood has become strong

Through the Globalization or Global Village, the whole world is in a central point. Global Village is extremely effective for keeping contact with many of our friends, loved ones, relatives, who stay abroad. We can maintain regular contact with them through various social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc. We can share the words of our mind with them. And our brotherhood is getting stronger. All of this happened in the welfare of Information and Communication Technology and Global Village.


However, the real global village is said to be the Internet’s virtual world. There is more than one-third of the world’s people connected to the virtual platform of the Internet. The whole world is getting closer to the welfare of ICT and made a big network of a global village. This article discusses important aspects and benefits of Global Village. I hope you get the knowledge of Global Village through this article. And it will help you to increase your learning.


Machine learning

There are many people who are very interested in machine learning. But, they did not know much about machine learning due to the correct guideline. MemoZing provides today’s guideline for them. You will get some guideline by reading this article.
We will discuss machine learning later. However, in short, if a machine can learn by itself or predict based on the experience, then the system can be either Intelligent or ML Activated. Currently, machine learning has become an important factor for any engineering department. It is very important to learn it for data analysis, classification, prediction. Big data, Data science, and Artificial intelligence are involved in Machine learning. Currently, ML’s different theories are applying to the general web app or mobile phone so that the application you use is more intelligent and can gain the ability to understand your mind.

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What is machine learning?

Before starting machine learning, let’s look at some definition of it. In this regard Arthur Samuel said,
‘Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.’
Suppose, a Bipedal (humanism or two-legged) robot can learn to walk by itself, without a specific walk program. However, the robot learning algorithm may obtain used. We can easily write a program for a Bipedal Robot walk. But that walk cannot be called intelligent anyway. If an embedded system is programmed for that only if it does that specific thing then how can it be intelligent? If the behavior of the device changes with change, then it can be called an intelligent.

According to Tom Michel,
‘A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.’
We can explain this definition by an example.
Well, I made a machine that could play chess, then we can write the following parameters like this,
E = Slow machine plays a 500-bit compilation set chess
T = chess game machine Task
P = The machine does not win or lose the game
According to the definition,
If the number of machine games increases (E) as well as its win rate (P), then the machine really knows how to learn.

The steps of Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms divided into four categories.

Supervised Learning.
Unsupervised learning.
Semi-Supervised learning
Reinforcement learning

Supervised Learning

The program trained on some pre-determined datasets. Based on that train data, the program decides. This is the supervised learning. As the mail is not spam or spam, this decision takes based on the previous data. This is the example of supervised learning.

Unsupervised learning

Some data may provide to the program in unsupervised learning. The program decides to depend on the data. Such as a basket of fruits. The program will divide different results, into different categories, this is an example of unsupervised learning.

Semi-Supervised learning

Semi-Supervised Learning is a combination of supervised and unsupervised.

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Reinforcement learning

Actually, humans or any animal learns something like that, trained in the same program in reinforcement learning.
Siri, Cortana is the successful applications of machine learning. After uploading an image on Facebook, it will automatically detect the image’s person. It happened only through machine learning. If machine learning can apply more effectively, then our whole technology will change the world. Regularly this sector is developing.

The concept of machine learning

Bill Gates said that,
‘One of the biggest successes in machine learning will be equal to ten Microsoft.’ Machine learning is a great subject of computer science. Generally, we give some instructions to the computer, the computer works accordingly. But in the case of machine learning, we say some processes, the rest it learns itself and works accordingly. For example, we have all the weather data to a computer program in the past. Our program will provide weather forecasts through that data analysis. We do not tell the computer what to do. The program analyzes past data and tells us what the weather is like tomorrow. This is machine learning.
If we give data to the computer program, it cannot be analyzed. We have to give some instructions on how to do data analysis. How to use the algorithm, etc. If you do this, the rest of the work machine or program will do itself. Now the small app also requires machine learning. The application of machine learning implemented in many areas of data mining, natural language processing, image recognition, expert systems, computer science and artificial intelligence.

The use of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a section of artificial intelligence where intelligence system created through datasets or interactive experiences. Machine learning technology is using a number of fields, including Cybersecurity, Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics. The most basic work of Machine Learning is to check the data classification, such as an email or website comment spam. There is currently a lot of research on Deep Learning or Deep Network, which is mainly used in the Convolution Neural Network. At present, machine learning at the industrial level is very important. Everyone should know some machine learning methodology. Many things in machine learning will overlap with data science, but the main goal of machine learning is to build a predictive model.

The importance of machine learning

Now you may say that, why we need to know about machine learning? There are requirements for machine learning. For example, consider the self-drive car. When there are many cars in front of the road while driving on the road, there are people, there may be roads in the street, there may be electric sticks on the side of the road, and another car may move faster from the front. Think of how many things are together.
So, in this situation, everyone has to scan everything and determine their importance. It will not be that someone will push a man while trying to save the road. When you see a small bottle in the street, you can move across the entire car and go to the other side. With machine learning, you can teach the computer about it. And as a result, what should do during the time of the need, the computer will understand itself. There is also the importance of machine learning for numerous work.
How will machine learning help to build my career?
Machine learning is a very wide range of patterns, ranging from artificial intelligence to pattern recognition. Every day, work with lots of data. This data is processed by a large number of companies like Google, Microsoft, through a pattern recoding. That’s why it’s so comforting to search Google. Regardless of the mistakes, it decides, you can watch videos on regular programming on YouTube. Seeing them for a few days, it will give video suggests that you think this video is what you wanted. That happened by machine learning.
What you need to do in careers is that it is your matter. If you are a doctor, you can make rough programming, some ML, some with Data Science and a little bit of NLP (Natural Language Processing) or NLU (Natural Language Understanding). Artificial brain, which may lead to disease symptoms and disease prevention. When you go around, you may be able to treat minor diseases as a brain e doctor made as a chatbot.
If you are interested in computer science, the machine learning will be so much effective for your career. You can work on artificial intelligence. If you have a huge knowledge, then you can be got a job in the much high-quality company such as google, youtube, facebook, etc.
If you think your app requires music/ video/blog post commentation to be set. Or you need smart spammer blockers on your website. Or if you click on an ad on your website based on some parameters, the machine learning flaw will be very useful for you.

Machine learning and the future

We now learn programmers such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc., learn machine learning in a few years as well. That means ordinary programmers also need to know about Machine Learning. Actually, not many years, now the machine learning has the highest demand. In the general program, we say a program that will work. We give data to machine learning programs, from that data the program creates programs in its own way. That’s the difference. We can solve all the great problems through machine learning.
It may seem that something worthwhile machine learning is not really difficult. Those who have the idea of programming, there are ways to learn mathematics that have been read by the medium. There are tons of online tutorials available online. There are a number of libraries to help machine learning, such as scikit-learn for Python, Google’s TensorFlow, Apache Spark MLlib, Microsoft’s Azure ML Studio etc. The theory of Machine Learning may be a little difficult, but after making basic ideas, it is making it much easier to do the practical work these libraries. These complexes have implemented all the algorithms. We just have to use. Just know what algorithm or a library is best for their program.
The program has to train the program with training data in machine learning. There are many data online. There are also many classifiers, which train with training data. Inception to work with such images. This is Google’s best image classifier. It has been trained on 1.2 million image data. With so many images, it took two weeks to train inception. We can easily use the inception to classify an image.
Google has many tutorials on machine learning. Most of the resources that Google uses for this, open source. Google has a few tutorials called Machine Learning Recipes.
The Internet is a great platform to learn. There are many more resources on the Internet to learn. There are a lot of jobs for machine-learning experts in small companies, including companies like Google, Facebook. Regardless of the amount of talk about machine learning and new platforms are being created, the future of machine learning can be expected far away.


Hopefully, you know a lot about machine learning now. And by now it is sure that in the near future, everything will happen by computer. Hopefully, the post and today’s topic was very nice. MemoZing always tries to present something new to you. MemoZing unified role to take forward e-learning. MemoZing in the best e-learning sites of the period.


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Technology has become one of the world’s most interesting topics. Not realistic, but the real-world thinking and science-based imagination are called virtual reality. It is like a dream seen in our sleeping night, but with the blessings of modern science, it should do see that the dream is touched. For many years, VR has been at the center of negotiation in the technology world. Technology, Facebook, Samsung, Microsoft, etc. have already been associated with this technology.
Large companies like Samsung, HTC, and Akulas Rift are doing research on virtual reality. As a result, Samsung’s Gear VR or HTC vibe came in the market. Google has built a virtual reality cardboard, which is very popular in many countries. One of the world’s most discussed live futures now is Virtual Reality. Many people have the curiosity about the virtual reality. will discuss the virtual reality today.

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What is the virtual reality?

Virtual Reality is a computer-controlled system that allows people to connect or experience artificial three-dimensional sensible environments through modeling and imaging. The simulated environment in virtual reality can be exactly like the real world. In this case, the real-time experience is available from virtual reality. Sometimes the simulated environment may be different from the real. Such as Virtual Reality Games. In this, it is possible to work extremely difficult by creating three-dimensional images.
The virtual reality is briefly known as VR. Through this technology, VR user virtual entered the world. In this world, he is believed to be living in the virtual world. Dreaming can compare with the matter. When we see a dream, we cannot see the things happening in the world, even when we are not present in the dream world. The strange events of dreams also seem to be trustworthy. But when we wake up, we realize there is something wrong. When VR takes us into the virtual world, it controls the four senses of our five senses, such as mouth, eyes, ears, and nose, which build credibility among us. The virtual reality’s environment can be either real or imagined.
Virtual Reality refers to the brain that you are in a three-dimensional world. For this, stereoscopic displays used. We know that with the help of our two eyes, we can accurately measure the distance of an object from the eyes. This technique used in stereoscopic displays. The same scene is shown to be two slightly different Angles. Besides, some more strategies adopted to make the scene real. 3D audio used to fulfill this experience of VR. The sound generated from the different angle in 3D audio, which provides a realistic output as far as possible.

History of Virtual Reality

The first significant development of Virtual Reality was in the 50’s. Morton Heilig invented a device named Sensorama. Sensorama had the ability to see, hear, smell and feel. He displayed five short films on this device. According to the short film scene, he used scent, wind churning, movement of the chair, steering, sound, etc. That takes viewers to another world. For the discovery of Morton Heilig, he is also called the father of Virtual Reality. Since then, the technology of virtual reality continues to improve, which has come to this position today.
After that, the use of virtual reality was unilaterally trained in military and government institutions. In learning to fight strategies or aircraft or ship, it started to give good results. Interestingly, the ‘Virtual Reality’ name still not started yet. In the 1980s, American computer scientist Jarron Lennie started the introduction of the first virtual reality world.
Some machines had made in the nineties, but then the discussion stopped. At that time the dreamers wanted to create a virtual reality for the work that had become somewhat difficult. In 2012, the Virtual Reality firm Okulas Vr announced the creation of a ‘wearable instrument’ called ‘Okulas Rift’, which will change the concept of gameplay radically.
Due to this instrument, the man himself will become a playback character of the game, who is facing the enemy or looking for a treasure. On March 26, Facebook announced the acquisition of Oculus VR for the US $ 200 million. Soon everyone was stunned. In this way, virtual reality comes to the center of the discussion.

Virtual Reality Device and how it works

Many types of devices have developed for full VR experience. One of them is VR Headset, Motion Tracker, VR Simulator, Head Tracker, Head Mounted Display, etc. Use of virtual reality on desktop computers requires a powerful computer. At least Intel Core i5 Psype and NVIDIA GTX 970 models of graphics cards are recommended to use VR in Steam PC. But most PCs are not so strong. But the KitKat operating system for Android ARO is enough.
To create a virtual environment, users have to wear head-mounted display, a Data Glove or a full body suit and eyeglasses. Headsets cover the eyes and ears and by this view can be seen and heard. Data globes associated with hand work for specific purposes. As a result, through this technology, artificially created a visual world, which works in high-level information exchange.
Traveling in Telepresence or artificial three-dimensional worlds is influenced by a motion controller sensor. The speed of the picture on the screen with the motion controller sensor matched to the user’s real-time virtual reality. When the speed of the user changes to the virtual reality, the speed of the scenes displayed in the screen varies. Thus, the virtual reality merges with the synthetic 3D world and becomes a part of the world. Again, wearing Data-Gloves with force-feedback gives touch feeling, and at the time the user can use it to pick or hold objects in a virtual environment according to their own will.

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Use of Virtual Reality

Video game
Axial Rift and HTC Viva have created special headphones for virtual gaming. Sony PlayStation is also working on VR which can use in PlayStation without the help of the Computer. E-virtual reality variants of many popular games have found. The popular game Minecraft creator Markus Persson released the Samsung Gear VR in Minecraft Infusions Store in 2016.

Virtual Reality allows you to see 360 degrees Angle in the movie. That’s why special technology cameras are used. Today various sports, events, etc. have been brought under the virtual reality.
Medical field
Virtual Reality in Microsurgery, Thoracic and Laparoscopic Surgery is the name of a blessing. Virtual Reality is being used to provide advanced quality training to doctors in the developed world. At present, SIST virtual reality laboratory training provided for surgical training. In this process, computer simulation is taught using various techniques of stroboscopic management. As a result, beginner’s doctors have gained the experience of actually working in the operation theater in a simple and convenient way. In a very short time, skilled doctors are being trained efficiently through this.
In the virtual operating room, students were able to practice strategic skills, operations, and therapeutic issues. A surgeon can use surgery using a simulator without any type of accident. Those who are realistic, they can give them some pleasure. Using VR to reduce pain. Scientists have researched that during the use of VR the patient’s brain remains in the VR, which removes the feeling of pain.
Driving Training
Nowadays driving is being taught using Virtual Reality. Various types of Virtual Reality Driving Simulators have developed due to low-cost micro-computer technology being available. The driver has to sit in a particular seat for driving simulation through computer simulation. The driver’s head-mounted head-mounted display shows the interior of the vehicle created by the computer and a model of the environment in the surrounding streets. It connected to a head-tracking system. As a result, users receive 360 degrees of internal and external parts of the vehicle and are in a computer-generated environment.
Flight simulators have been used for military training for many years in the military. After 1980, The military started using virtual reality. As a result, training costs and training related accidents and losses reduced. It is possible to further improve the existing flight simulator by using virtual reality. Apart from the virtual reality, simulated wires will provide much more practical and better training to the soldiers. It is showing how the injured soldiers will be made to combat the situation. Virtual Reality is contributing to various military skills such as firearms, submarine driving, aviation, etc.
It is possible to make information and communication system easier by using virtual realities in business. Virtual Reality user will not need to find information on the computer desktop with file cabinet; Rather the user will be able to open the file drawer and arrange the files manually.
Students can deeply solve the problem through Virtual Reality by reducing the cost of expensive labs of engineering or applied science. Its use is particularly versatile in plans or stages. Because of the use of virtual realities in geography or foreclosure classes, classes are becoming alive. Even going back to the history class, in the old day’s view. Since the virtual reality comes out of sight, it can say that the day of memorandum disappeared from the learners! Its use in computer games or movies is so broad that without virtual realities, it can not be thought of anymore.
A report of technical trends of technology web portal Digital Trends said that the results of the study showed that 20 percent of what students listen to, 30 percent of what they see and 90 percent of what they did or imitated. Students can adjust to artificial environments and can carry the contents of it. It supports the ‘learning by doing’ process and encourages creativity.
Aerospace Research
Every episode of the Space Expedition has many types of risks. Therefore, Virtual Reality has made special arrangements in the field of training about all issues related to navigational operations. NASA is playing an important role in the field of space research. The company has implemented virtual reality in its operations. Under the computer simulation, it trained about the environment of the atmosphere, how the airplane will dissolve in space, and how it can be efficient, how to fix a machine if it gets destroyed, etc. So, the astronauts can learn how to manage research before the expedition in space. And their journey to space gets much safer and comfortable.
Useful for drug affected people
The use of virtual reality technology in the treatment of drug addicts, especially those who are addicted to heroin, is quite effective. It will play a helpful role in removing their addiction. A recent study by the University of Houston has revealed. Researchers at the University of Houston researched the use of virtual reality therapy (VRT) in the healing of drug addicts. Researchers have claimed that the VRT can help to remove the addiction of heroin addicts. Researchers created a three-dimensional environment using eight inferior cameras, where a person with treatment could take the feeling of drug intake.
Architecture and construction industry
Architects can design a building through Virtual Reality and actually make its imagery possible before building construction. It shows how the building is going to make and it can easily catch if any errors detected. In addition to the use of Virtual Reality in almost all areas including business, and industry, it is worthwhile.
In this way, virtual reality is playing an important role in almost every field. Virtual reality is one of the great and interesting topics of the 21st Century. In the modern world, it influenced in every way, and its range is expanding day by day. So, we can say that Virtual Reality was a great invention.


Golden Ratio: A mysterious number of the mathematics

Today we will discuss about the Golden Ratio: A mysterious number of the mathematics. First, let’s start a math with magic. Take any two numbers and sum them together. Add the second digit retained with the sum found. Now keep adding each sum to the previous number. In this way, find out till 20th number. Then, divide the 20th number by the 19th number. Then you will get the result 1.608. Regardless of starting any number, the result will be 1.608. For example, consider 5 and 2 numbers.
5+2=7; 2+7=9; 7+9=16; 9+16=25;…

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Thus, the 19th and 20th numbers are available respectively – 13,153 and 21,282. This number is called the Golden Ratio. In fact, this is a witch number. Among the significant numbers of mathematical calculations, Golden Ratio is one of them. This is a proportional amount. Its value is 1.6180 and expressed by the Greek letter φ (phi). This is an irrational number. That is, it is not possible to express as a fraction of two whole numbers. A common form to publish φ is-
As it turns out, it is not possible to publish φ in a common fraction. This is an ongoing process. Another important number of mathematics is obtained (π), but it can correctly express as 22/7 fractions to several digits. For this reason, φ is called the most illogical number of mathematics.
The letter φ (Phi) derived from the initials of the Greek sculptor Phidias. Ethheni Perth was designed it based on the golden ratio in Feidius (480-430 BC). Since then the style of expressing the golden ratio to φ (phi) had been introduced. Golden Ratio also is known as Golden Section, Golden Mean, Golden Number, Devine Proportion, Devine Section, Golden Proportion, etc.

Mathematicians and Egyptians

Many mathematicians believe that φ (phi) was familiar with the ancient Egyptians. The use of a golden Radio has observed in an Egyptian pyramid. Established in approximately 2560 BC. Euclide Elements also had a geometrical promise similar to the golden ratio. In 1509, the number became more familiar with the publication of the book “De Divina proportione” written by Luca Pacioli, father of Italian mathematician and accounting. Renaissance fame Men Leonardo DA Vinci gave geometric illustrations of the book. It is a strong proof of the fact that Vinci was very well-known with this number. Leonardo de Vinci (1452-1519) used the golden ratio in many of his works. Among them, Vitruvian Man, The Last Supper, and Mona Lisa are particularly notable.
The Golden ratio also used in the famous paintings of Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam, Raphael’s The School of Athens, ‘Vote of Venus’, ‘The Sacred of the Last Supper’ of Battechilli, and Salvador Dalí.
Geometrical formations have a different beauty in splitting this ratio. That’s why the use of the golden ratio in different types of designs or painting in the world is noticeable. In accordance with the Golden Ratio, the geometric figure of the triangle, quadrangle, etc. can be drawn. A quadrilateral can draw in such a way that the length and breadth are in φ: 1 ratio. If the smaller quadriceps cut into φ ratio from this quadrilateral, then the smaller quadrangular arms can be found in the golden ratio with each other. In the equatorial triangle, two equal arms are in the φ: 1 ratio of land. Besides, it can divide into one φ: 1 ratio by dividing the opposite arm into one of the angled corners.
The Golden Ratio has a special geometric structure that is a ‘balanced Pentagon.’ The balanced pentagon is a bound field with five arms. Each arm is equal. It has five top points. Each top produces the same 108-degree angle and draws a five-pointed star using the angles. The star pictured in this way is called Pentagram. Notice that, a Pentagon formed between Pentagram.

If the length of the Pentagon’s arm is 1 unit, the length of the stars is φ. That is, every arm of the Pentagon has a golden ear with every corner of Pentagram. There are 5 triangles in one Pentagram that have passed over each other. The figure has total triangle 35 and total quadrilateral 21. Where is the specialty of Pentagram? Apparently, the picture may look like a general geometric structure. But if you take each piece of the picture and measure it, then every Pentagram can be seen in the golden section.
The all main-golden triangle is the original triangle. Apart from each other, each line has a Golden Ratios with each other. \ Frac {a} {b} = \ frac {b} {c} = \ frac {c} {a} = φ in the image. The Pentagram is one of the world’s most recognizable symbols. Various uses of Pentagram observed in the culture of different countries. The use of Pentagram noticed in various ancient religious rituals, including magic and secret organization. The Pentagram has obtained used in more than 60 national flags.
Golden Ratio has a relationship with the Fibonacci style. This section of 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, … is called Fibonacci Section. A number here, just like the sum of the previous two numbers. For example, 1 + 1 = 2, 2 + 1 = 3, 3 + 2 = 5, 5 + 3 = 8, 8 + 5 = 13, etc.

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The Fibonacci section was discovered by Leonardo of Pissar’s Libra Abyss, written on the calculation method published in 1202. Leonardo of Pisa later became known as Fibonacci. And according to his name, the section continued named after the Fibonacci section. In the book, he used this trend to solve the problem of rabbit breeding. But Fibonacci is not considered the basic work of Fibonacci. Because of this, the mention of this section has been found in Indian math much earlier. It remains believed that the Indians discovered this section from Arabs.
At one point, there was a close relationship between the Fibonacci section and the golden ratio. The first point was noticed by German mathematician Simon Jacob, in 1564. Here one thing is noticeable that dividing the number of Fibonacci sequences by its previous number, the results found are increasingly moving towards golden ratios. For example – 8/5 = 1.6; 13/8 = 1.625; 55/34 = 1.61764; …
Fibonacci can notice in a variety of animals and plants. Because there is a close relationship between this section and the golden ratios, So it can say that nature holds Golden Ratio. There is a tendency to follow the trend in flowers, fruits, tree leaves and branches, seeds and leaves, rotating corners, birds, human bodies, music, insects, solar systems and even spiral galaxies. Nature does, however, comply with mathematical code? We do not know the answer. But this kind of nature indicates an excellent combination of math with nature. The Fibonacci Quarterly Journal has published since 1963 due to such variations of the Fibonacci series. Fibonacci and related mathematical issues are the topics of this journal’s publication.

The use of φ in the design of the Parthenon has occupied a special place in the history of architecture. With the height of the width of the Parthenon, the height of the pillars from the ground has since been at the top distance with φ ratio. Moreover, the whole building can be imagined to be a golden rectangle. Greek architect Fidias designed the pattern of Parthenon in keeping with the golden ratio.

Egypt’s Pyramid is another excellent example of the use of the golden ratio in architecture. The construction of the pyramid was estimated about 2570 BC. It is surprising to use the golden ratios in an ancient architecture of ancient times. However, experts are not sure whether they actually used it in an intuitive way. The Egyptians used a distance from the palm to the tip of the middle finger, which is called the cubit. This distance was equal to 52.25 centimeters. Giza’s Great Pyramid has a height of 356 cubits in height. From the center of the pyramid straight to the top point, weighs 280 cubits. One arm distance from the square floor center is 220 cubits. It has been found that the proportional figures of numbers are in different forms of golden ratios.
c/a = 356/20 = 1.618 = φ and b / a = 280/22 = 1.272 = √ φ

The upper right-angled triangle founded by applying the theorem to Pythagoras, φ2 = φ + 1. Here φ, the vertical √φ and the ground 1 unit.
Golden Ratio is called the finest number of mathematics. The number is also sometimes called the heavenly number because it is more available in nature. We have seen its use in nature and art. Actually, this number does not end with greatness. That is why astronomer and mathematician Johannes Kepler said that geometry has two very valuable resources, one with Pythagorean theorem and the other is the golden ratio. We can compare the first to the gold store and the second with the precious gem.