“Knowledge is nothing until you share it with others.” This is the goal of global e-learning

In the recent past, the reforms and changes in Information and Communication Technologies have set new parameters in the education field. The mode of communications has changed, and so does the method of education. One example of such a broad and significant change is the incorporation of e-learning in the field of education. Global e-learning or distance learning is a new paradigm of school. Students has not an essential requirement to be physically in the classroom. The mode of education is computers and internet. Global e-learning is facilitating a massive sector of education in developed countries and many universities are rapidly changing their education environment towards Global e-learning, the reason behind is facilitating a large number of students and learners within the premises of their boundaries.

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E-Learning is the fastest growing idea in the time of information and technology, today when the world is a global village it is easy to learn new things. Global e-learning is the other name of secure and efficient learning. The person who is eager to learn can do it at his own pace, skills and difficulty level. It means you are your boss. There are many universities and platforms which are helping students through e-learning. It says you can learn from your comfortable couch, bed or your study table with a mug of coffee on your side table.

E-Learning has made education easy to access, a professional with a 9-5 job or a housewife with two kids can also learn if they have a passion for education. They can keep their learning at pace what they want as it is not like formal education system where you have to attend classes physically. It holds learner advantage to learn without any hindrance or problems.

Advantages of e-learning

There are many reasons behind the success of e-learning. We can summarize some of them like, accessibility of information, low cost, easy to pace with, new techniques of teaching. In shorte-learning not only helps the student but it also encourages the teacher or instructor to learn and explore new dimensions of his subject. All these factors are contributing e-learning to grow and flourish within the developed countries. Meanwhile, there is a huge gap for the e-learning facilities within the developing countries.

And here comes MemoZing, the one e-learning Platform which will help you learned what you desired for, and from the best people around.

MemoZing knows the need of e-learning. That’s the reason they have built a platform for teachers and students can interact and build a relationship with their education. MemoZing is the platform where teachers, mentors, IT professionals and even anyone can collaborate in the development of any course for the students. They can explore the world with their knowledge. They can train their future employees, scientists or economists.

MemoZing is rising star of e-learning

We know the meaning of “Knowledge is power,” and they are ready to explore. The e-learning platform MemoZing helps learn thing faster, in fun way, with your pace from the best teachers of the subject.

MemoZing is one of the unique ideas to perform and provide education at mass level through e-learning. This will not only help students, but it will also curate the professionals in a new way so they can seek what is going in the educational level.

By using MemoZing a teacher can teach his subject, a mentor can help 100s of people regardless of their place, a business can find and educate their future employees, or a writer can publish his book for online reading. On the other hand, a student can learn, a reader can find his favorite book or someone can find a mentor for himself to get motivation or a path to see the success.  

Meanwhile, it all will be a fun activity of learning, no straight classes, and no home works. You can learn when you want to, at your own pace and your favorite subjects and professions.  Isn’t it fun to determine what you missed earlier in life, or you want to learn more but don’t have time or money or resources. Yes, e-learning is for these people.

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Education in deprived nations

The deprived or developing countries have quite unstable and not up to date with the time and technology. They lack proper infrastructure, teachers, education system and learning environment. This is not because they don’t want to educate their future but this is due to their budget or sometimes due to bad policies.

The poverty is the reason behind lack of education in the deprived and underdeveloped nations. How can a father educate his son/daughter when he is only earning $2 a day. And about 75% of the population of the world claimed as poor with this earning.

There are many nations like in Asia, South America, Africa, and some others where people don’t enjoy the luxury of education due to their poverty status. The UNDP and other developed nations are making many efforts for these nations to be on the track of education.

Here comes the need of e-learning environment

These platforms can help developing nations to educate themselves in low cost and competitive education. E-learning doesn’t require any formal infrastructure for education. The teacher and learner can interact freely with the internet, or educational videos can perform the same task.  There is a significant need for incorporation of e-learning in developing nations. This is the only way which can help them to get the education and compete with established countries within their low budgets and poverty.

The same idea is what MemoZing have in their pocket. Call it “idea of Robin Hood”. MemoZing is ready to spend their funds on the development of e-learning in developing nations. We want to distribute the collected funds within the developing countries to help them in the education sector.  They not only want to help developed countries through their e-learning platform. They also want to help developing nations to get what they should in the means of education.

How e-learning can help them-300

E-Learning can facilitate the developing nations concerning education and equal opportunities for professionalism. It means a poor man living in a small village with his family. There is no school or education system will have the same opportunity as a man living in a luxurious apartment in the developed city. He can learn same skills as the other person. Do whatever she or he wants to do or whatever he dreamt of doing.  This is what e-learning is about.

E-Learning can cut the cost of the of the global e-education systems and makes the education almost or free. It means the student can learn anything without paying any extra money. He can determine if he has a laptop or any smart device and an internet connection.  He can learn from scratch, or he can add up his skills to be a better professional.

If we squeeze the discussion, in a nutshell, we can say that the e-learning is one of the most exquisite and extraordinary ideas.  Let´s implement this networks in developing nations. It can help them increase the literacy level and educate their civilians for better and improved lifestyle. The education an do wonders for them, and e-learning can do those wonders in low cost and more effective way. It can increase the productivity while keeping the price at minimal.

While the idea of “Robin Hood” in a particular way is also very exquisite, it can keep the circulation flowing. Empowering the poor with educational funds and helping them to grow is a wonderous job anyone can do. It means generating money from privileged and spending on the poor.

MemoZing said:

“With our method, we also want to score points in regions with a low level of education. We have the following idea, which reminds a bit of Robin Hood. We distribute all collected funds among the learners. As you know, the average income of the poorest 75% of the world’s population is less than $2 a day. Our goal is to get as close as possible to this sum. This would change the world and give people who otherwise have no access to education a chance.”

Everyone knows the education is the primary right of any human being. It is not right to keep anyone away from it if he is poor or he cannot afford the education. The idea of MemoZing: One that needs to be funded as they can play a very crucial rule as being a part of e-learning network.     

MemoZing has aimed to reduce the hinders in the way of quality education. Especially in developing nations, MemoZing wants to provide equal opportunities. Everybody should also enjoy the privilege of the school and quality life.