Educational opportunities in crisis areas

What opportunities do children in Syria have to educate themselves despite the war?

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If you ask me one thing that every child deserve to have, I would gladly say Education. The primary and fundamental need of any child, education is knowledge, and it helps the child to grow his intellect and information. Training improves the child to see the things from a new perspective and learn what life meant for is. The education not only helps him learn, it also helps the child to grow regarding mentality, thinking, and mature behavior.

Moreover, the education gives an extra advantage to the child to survive and grab the opportunities of his life. It helps him improve the economic and social status of family and society at whole. The educated people are building blocks of prospers and flourished society, where the community can thrive concerning economics, health, education, and maturity of behavior.

The importance of education is very clear from quotes of some great men of history.   

“Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.” Kofi Annan

“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

All these quotes from legends of history show the importance of education for the individual and the society at whole.  

Education or formal education is key to future success for any children and nation

It is seen that the educated nations always lead the world in history. The school gives a perspective on life, a way of living, understanding of life and death. It can help in achieving the heights of virtue and success, or without it, a man is like one living in darkest rooms without any light or energy.

Today when the world has become a global village, and all the nations know each other, the need for education has increased. It is essential to communicate with countries, making social and economic alliances and helping others. An educated nation can do all these things quickly.  If we see the importance at the individual level of the child, it makes him skilled and well equipped with trends of the world. So, he has more opportunities than a child who has no formal education.

Education is even more critical with areas under siege or crisis, either it is the social crisis, war or economic crisis. The school is their key to survive; although it is difficult to build infrastructure if required, this is the only way the country can surpass the challenges they are facing. Let’s talk about Syria; there is an immense crises situation of civil war, siege, and economic crisis, we can Syria is on the verge of collapse. The riots, political and religious extremism and civil war can only be eliminated with the help of Education.

As discussed earlier, education gives a new perspective of life to the child, it can neutralize the thought of the person and helps them to think straight and rational. An educated person can decide with logics despite on the emotions, and an illiterate does the opposite. The situation in Syria is out of control, not only because of the lack of education and excess of extremism. The extremist took control of weak and innocent people and drove them towards themselves. If the people of Syria had some training it could be a different scenario.

Kids and e-learning

Meanwhile, the situation can still be controlled with educating the youth and children and empowering them skills to survive in the world of technology. The education sector and education medium need to be taken care of.  The educated youth can play a very crucial rule in the stability of Syria and other countries with the same situation.

E-Learning can be very useful in this scenario, a person sitting on his couch and learning new skills is an ideal solution for Syrian education problem. The unsafe situation outside the home is not what is suitable for education. E-learning is quite a good idea for Syrian people. There are many advantages of e-learning like accessibility is easy, time management is comfortable, cost-effectiveness and UpToDate and safe in crises areas.

The lack of infrastructure in Syria leads towards thee-learning, it is one of the fastest modes of education in the world. E-learning is found to be very useful and efficient in all countries, even though they are developed countries, developing countries or the crises areas like Syria, Palestine, Iraq, and Kashmir. The e-learning mode doesn’t require any infrastructure to build for the students as there is no need for physical appearance in the class. A learner can quickly learn from his home or anywhere he wants to study.

You might be wondering how e-learning is the solution for Syrian education. How can we incorporate the facility of e-learning without any infrastructure? How can we do this, we have never heard of e-learning. The answer is, Yeah, we can do all these without any foundation, buildings, low resources, and high output within Syria. Here are some reasons why e-learning is the best possible solution:

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E-learning is very easily accessible

From any part of the world where internet is available. It is not like a formal education system that only places where schools, colleges, and universities are open can get the facility of education. With the help of e-learning, every child and student has access to the knowledge and learning which is same for all. It means same university courses and skills for a needy child and same as a child from the wealthy family.

E-learning doesn’t require much infrastructure

like buildings with many classrooms is not a requirement for e-learning institute, and a child has no problem of attending the class at a specific time. He/she can learn everything at his convenient time.

Cost-effectiveness is one of the best features of e-learning, as no classrooms required, no needed physical appearance, that’s why the expenses are cut off from traditional educations.

With all these qualities we can unequivocally state that the e-learning is the best education system in current scenario for Syria.     

How is e-learning best way for Syria

MemoZing is a landmark in e-learning, it is a project which will help many students, teachers, and professionals in their ways. MemoZing has an idea of collecting all the educationists and students under one platform. A teacher can offer his services to teach his subject and students can avail these services; a writer can write a book and publish it on the MemoZing website for the readers and researchers and intellectuals can share their work too. They can share their knowledge with the world as it said: “knowledge is nothing until you spread.” MemoZing wants to spread the awareness with the world.

MemoZing is working on many programs like education for emerging nations, robin hood plan, education for girls and training for crises areas like Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, and others. The main idea is to make learning easy to access and for all the children and people in the world.  

How MemoZing can help Syrian children for education.

MemoZing knows the importance of education especially in crises areas, the people in these areas don’t have many resources to educate their children and or building the education infrastructure. Here comes MemoZing, the best platform for distant learning or e-learning. MemoZing aims to help Syria and other deprived nations to get an education and win an opportunity for living a healthy and excellent life. E-learning, as discusses earlier, gives facility to everyone, to the leader of the family as he has not any extra cost to pay for the education, the child itself as he can learn new skills from home and without any trouble. And for society as they can achieve a functional literacy rate a chance to grow a nation. There is not any doubt in the fact that developed countries never falls, and uneducated nations can never rise. MemoZing knows this fact, and they are ready to help the world with their unique idea and broader perspective towards life.

MemoZing not only knows the importance but also believes in it, that’s why they have aimed to reduce the hinders in the way of quality education for girls nations and to provide them equal opportunities, so they can also enjoy the privilege to the education and quality life.