Artificial Intelligence – Expansion of machine learning

A small part of the artificial intelligence is machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is the way people think, artificially transforming it into a computer. Just imagine one thing,  How can a computer perform tasks quickly, can people do it like that? No, maybe not. Artificial intelligence is used to manipulate the intelligence of the computer. Artificial intelligence usually researches how computers will think like humans, how incomplete, they reach the full conclusions, how to solve problems, how to plan ideas, etc.

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A few days ago, during the research at the social media office in Facebook, two separate artificial intelligent programs were speaking a new language among themselves, which prompted Facebook authorities to close it very quickly. Many people may think that artificial intelligence is harmful or deadly. But nothing like that. Our journey to artificial intelligence is more balanced. Use of artificial intelligence is essential in the process of proving various sources and problem solving, presentation of knowledge, planning, the teaching of machines and speech and pattern recognition.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science, where people’s intelligence and thinking are infused with computers. Artificial Intelligence: This is an effort to make the machine feel as intelligent as it is. That is, when a machine starts to introduce intelligence, it is called Artificial Intelligence. When the machine decides by analyzing its surroundings and increasing the chances of successful completion of a job, we can call it Artificial Intelligence. Recently, a machine can understand the language of the people, can do any work, drive car, plane, or control anything, we can also call artificial intelligence.

The History of Artificial Intelligence

Although we are not very familiar with artificial intelligence, the story behind it is not very small. The exciting thing is that before the discovery of the computer, the machine was being studied about how to give the ability to think like a human. Shortly after World War II, extensive research began with artificial intelligence. After this, English mathematician Alan Turing gave his first speech in 1947 about Artificial Intelligence. He stated that if a machine can think like a human, can work as a human; then it should be called intelligent. Originally the artificial intelligence was started discussing since this time.

The primary technology to teach from any machine experience is the neural network. The creation of the world’s first artificial neural navigator In 1951 by Marvin, during his student years he created “SNARC” (Stochastic neural analog reinforcement calculator). Even then the computer has not been introduced, in the state of being, so Mervin made his nerves using electronic vacuum tubes and mechanical clutch.

These nerves had 40 artificial nerves (neurons). Mervin used a capacitor as a transient membrane of every nerve, and as long-term memory (long-term memory), each nerve was attached to a potentiometer, whose mechanism was controlled by the mechanical clutch. At present, the artificial intelligence around us seems to be the latest version of that nervous system. Thus, the journey of Artificial Intelligence started from here. Then, In 1955 John McCarthy invented the term ‘artificial intelligence’.

What is the crucial point of artificial intelligence?

People do not learn anything at birth. After coming to earth, after learning from various objects, social and social life, understanding, learning wrongly. Apart from him, he is also academically educated. The same is done through artificial intelligence. The machine is taught in different ways so that he can become intelligent enough. Programs or algorithms are used for this process. So that the machine can take information from the environment through its various sensors and respond accordingly.

There are many subsets of Artificial Intelligence, which means artificial intelligence is the sum of many complicated things. Among them, machine learning is one of them. Deep Learning is another sub-set of machine learning. We will know more about this.

What is machine learning?

Machine learning is the ability to teach the computer itself. Machine learning is to find brief but meaningful information from a significant amount of data, and then calculate what is to be done in the next stage accordingly. Generally, we give some instructions to the computer; the computer works accordingly. But in the case of machine learning, we say some processes, the rest it learns and works accordingly. For example, we have all the weather data to a computer program in the past. Our program will provide weather forecasts through that data analysis. We do not tell here what to do. The program analyzes past data and tells us what the weather is like tomorrow. This is machine learning.

It cannot be analyzed if the computer program data are provided. We have to give some instructions on how to do data analysis. How to use an algorithm, etc. If you do this, the rest of the work machine or program will do itself. Now the small app also requires machine learning. Machine learning is applied in many areas of data mining, natural language processing, image recognition, expert systems, computer science and artificial intelligence. Machine learning works like this.

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What is Deep Learning?

Deep learning is the subset of machine learning. Through this, a lot of information is given to the system at one go, so that the machine can learn from there and later decide itself in the same situation itself. In more detail, use of Deep Learning is the device can understand various types of problems and take the necessary steps for them. Although this is a computer program, deep learning depends on neural to determine the problem. Neural networks are used to access much information on a system. Through this neural network, artificial intelligence alone can understand new difficulties and take the necessary steps for it.

Artificial Intelligence Steps:

Artificial Intelligence programs can be divided into three steps.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence ( ANI)

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)

We can tell ANI the first step of artificial intelligence. ANI programs are experts in a particular task. As an instrument that can play chess, it can be better just to play chess. Ludu is easy to play, but if it is allowed to play Ludu instead of chess, then that machine will not be able to do it.

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)

The second step of Artificial Intelligence is AGI. It is called Strong AI or Human Level AI. In AGI step, the device will be able to think, plan, solve the problem, and suddenly get the ability to adapt itself to a different environment.

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

ASI will be the third and most advanced stage of Artificial Intelligence. The device will take itself to artificial superintelligence stage only when the machine can think it efficiently. However, scientists are worried and anxious about the future of this phase. After reaching Artificial Super Intelligence, scientists are very concerned about whether we will be there or not. Whether we live or not, everything will change after reaching ASI. How can all the forces of the world be used, we can get rid of it. Maybe we can go to other planets smoothly from the Earth. The universe can move.

In Artificial Intelligence, what are the steps we have?

We are still on the Artificial Narrow Intelligence phase. All the programs we see or use, all of the ANI programs. Google Search Engine, Self Driving Car, Flight Control, Nuclear Project Control and other complex system are all included in the ANI program. These are skilled at a particular job. They can not do any other work outside of that work.

There are many ANI programs in our daily smartphones. Smartphone’s more successful ANI program is the series or Cortana. Hot self-driving cars are excellent examples of ANI stage. ANI has its application on all major websites starting from Amazon or eBay. Humanistic artificial intelligence is still in the ANI stage.

The ANI system started its demise in 1997. A computer named ‘Deep Blue’ defeats world-famous chess champion, Gary Kasparov. Which was an intelligent program? That was a great achievement of Artificial Intelligence. In the following year, alpha loses the people using ANI. Alpha go creates a computer program called Google Dipmind, a cooperative company of Google.

What is the use of Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence has multiple uses. This technology is being used in a variety of ways. Here are a few mentioned.

IBM Watson

IBM Watson is the most successful intelligent program so far. It’s initially developed by asking questions and answer. IBM Watson can now be used in many places. This program can be used in different places, such as data analysis, education, treatment, etc. IBM Watson has been able to help doctors decide for cancer treatment. Also, about 90% of Lange Cancer nurses work based on the decisions given by IBM Watson. The best part of this program is that the more it will be used, the better the system becomes. Using the Watson API, anyone can create basic software. Although it is not free!

Personal Assistant

Although we feel like an own assistant science fiction story, many things can be done with personal assistants now. If you ask anything about it, it will answer it immediately. Talking with products such as Amazon Echo or Google Home, you can contact the computer. Isn’t it an exciting thing?

Humanoid robot

The robots that we see in movies like human are called Humanoid robots. The Honda ASIMO Robot is the best human-made robot yet. Besides, Boston is working with dynamic military-grade robots. Their robots are powerful. Open Humanoid Robot for All is NAO. It’s programmable. You can buy it and then you can modify it yourself. If you set up a program like IBM Watson, then it will work like Google home or Amazon echo.

Self-Assemble Robot

Most new robots are self-assembly robots. MIT’s Self Assembly Lab is working on such robots and made great microbes. When Nanotechnology goes a long way, this self-assemble robot will be able to repair any diseases of the human body. The microbes will enter the blood cells and destroy the viruses. There will be nothing to say about the disease like cancer.

Industrial Robot

It does not matter that robots will look like humans. They may look like anything. Robots in the industry do many works. Starting from the car-made to mobile chips or processors, work is done by a robot.

The effect of Artificial Intelligence:

If artificial intelligence can be utilized, a colossal revolution can be made in technology. Currently, the impact of artificial intelligence on robotics is increasing. The use of auto-piloting in aviation is expanding. Such programs are being made more friendly with the situation. The programmers will be able to run the plane without a pilot one day using the program – programmers are working in front of such targets. In many cases, success has been achieved by self-driving cars. We also see self-piloting human-made drones through Yang-148 now.

In the third phase of Artificial Intelligence, robots can combine themselves in all the activities of the people, even if they can do the job faster and accurately from the people. They may take the initiative to eradicate human civilization, thinking that the scientist Stephen Hawking. According to Hawking, due to the artificial intelligence (third stage), human civilization can be uprooted! His idea is that if robots are artificially intelligent, they will pay attention to their progress. Although many scientists do not agree with his idea. One of them is Claverbaat’s inventor Rolo Kriptera. His fantastic example of artistic intelligence is his Cleverbot. Microsoft’s chief researcher Erich Horvitz also believes that artificial intelligence is not a threat to humankind, but it will be beneficial in many ways.

The application and effectiveness of Artificial Intelligence have spread to many topics – from computer science, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, neuroscience, and new art specializations such as artificial psychology. The artificial intelligence that is going to be dependent on a coming day, it is sure. Now the rest of the time will prove that what is going to happen. I hope you got some idea about Artificial Intelligence.

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