Education for everyone

This is what we hear around us. The question is why education is so important? Why can’t we survive without it? Yeah, it is essential, and we can’t survive without it, the reason is education is another name of knowledge, and it helps us to know and see the life with another perspective. To learn things and to understand why we are here in the world, how should we spend our lives.

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In addition to that education for girls have more importance, as the girls build the society. If we see the overall population of the world we see more than 50% of the population is of women and girls, this is a considerable percentage. Think if the women keep girls away from education how severely it will affect the society. However, it is still a dilemma that most of the girls in our community are not literate and have no formal education.

It is said that,

“You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a GENERATION.”

Education for a girl is as important as it is for a boy. A beautiful woman with a smart brain is a lethal combination. The education plays an essential role in the life of a girl, her family and the society at whole. There is not a single reason that we keep our young girls away from formal education, they have full right to be educated and play a constructive role in the betterment of the society. The girl is the future of the family in the form of a mother, and an educated mother is as essential for a child growth as the food.

An educated girl can play many roles in the society like, she can improve the economic situation of her home, she can be a better mother of future, she can be a productive citizen of the society, and she knows her rights, and she can stand firm in front people who violate them. Education is the fundamental need and primary reason for a human being. Education is gain of knowledge. It gives us a new perspective to look the world with a new angle. It provides us with the understanding to improve the world into a better place.

Despite all these, we know people in many countries are deprived of education. There are no schools for girls, no education system for them and they are kept away from their primary right to life. One of the countries is “INDIA,” yes one of the largest countries in the world with second largest population and a reasonable literacy rate as claimed. Many girls still have no right to education because of the cultural issues, lack of education systems and economic situations the girls are not educated.

People living in faraway places don’t educate their girls, there are many reasons behind this. Lack of resources, lack of awareness, lack of schools or cultural boundaries. People usually think the girls should not go outside and get the education. They are to be kept at home and working with her mothers. The girls cook, sew, clean dwellings or even also take care of the animals, but they have no right to education due to cultural hazards.

Another reason is for lack of girls education is lack of schools and teachers for the girls nearby, and people hesitate to send their daughters away from home only for education. The common point of view of a villager is “why should we send our girl’s school which is even not in our village.” And yeah, they are also right, there should be a school nearby for the girls. They are to be staying at home and work with their mothers, why should we educate them.

In real life education for a girl has the same value as education for a man or even more in some cases. It is said that educated girl can create an educated society. A girl is a mother of future and an educated girl can turn the whole family taught and a bunch of educated girls can change the perspective of society.

Educational opportunities for girls can be improved in India

E-learning is one of the famous mediums in the education sector, and this can be utilized for girl’s education too. Girls are living in the countryside which doesn’t have proper opportunities for education because of faraway schools or other social factors that a girl cannot leave the house for educational purpose, and she is meant to stay home and help her mother in households.

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There are many reasons behind the success of e-learning

We can summarize some of them like, accessibility of information, low cost, easy to pace with, new techniques of teaching. In short e-learning not only helps the student but it also encourages the teacher or instructor to learn and explore new dimensions of his subject. All these factors are contributing e-learning to grow and flourish within the developed countries. Meanwhile, there is a considerable gap for the e-learning facilities within these countries.

The ease of access means, a girl will never need to leave home for education, she can learn from within the house and her room. She needs a computer or smartphone and an internet connection to determine.

Convenience of time

It means a girl can learn when she has time, no need to attend physical classes or go on specific time for a level. A learner can learn with her convenience like a girl can learn when she is free after helping her mother or takin care of her younger sister/brother.

Cost effective: e-learning is very cost effective even it is sometimes free of charge, so there is no extra burden on the family if the girl is learning through e-learning portal. And MemoZing is determined to provide the facility to the girls. They want to spread the network and educate the prime members of the society.     

MemoZing is determined to help similar countries which are behind in girl’s education. The e-learning can help them as there is no need for a girl to go anywhere to take classes, ease of access from anywhere, no scheduled classes, it means girls can take classes whenever and where ever they want. These e-learning facilities will empower the women and give her opportunities to get an education and have an authorized future. MemoZing wish to provide a perspective of life to deprived women, they want to make women empowered and more productive life, they also want to make a better society for the future.

MemoZing will be one of the largest platforms for e-learning which want a woman empowered society. Therefor MemoZing wants to help people who don’t have access to education. They want to contribute to the education sector.

MemoZing said, “Our goal is to offer these people a perspective. Introduce a company or an international group to our MemoZing platform and try to find people who can work in this group now or later. Our networking gives the exemplary Indian village girl a chance. Show countries where educational opportunities are particularly difficult for girls.”

If we squeeze the importance of women or girls in a nutshell, we can say society needs educated women. They need because the educated girl can not only make the economic situation better and contribute as a helping hand with the man but also, she can help her children in education. Mothers are the first teachers of the child, and if a mother is educated, she can teach her children with more care and responsibility.

MemoZing is the emerging player concerning e-learning facilitator. They have aimed to develop the education system which will help the mass of world. MemoZing is placed to share knowledge and learn new things. You can teach, learn, publish, read or do whatever you want to do regarding education. MemoZing knows the importance of today’s life, and they aim to build a better society for the future.  

Drew Fast Said “We educate women because it is smart. We educate the women because it changes the world.”

MemoZing not only knows the importance but also believes in it, that’s why they have the aim to reduce the hinders in the way of quality education for girls nations and to provide them equal opportunities, so they can also enjoy the privilege to the education and quality life.