How to mitigate forgetting curve in e-learning

You may dedicate countless hours to designing your e-learning course, but it will all go to ashes if your learners are unable to commit what they learned in the long run. Let’s take you through the concept of forgetting curve and how to mitigate it to boost knowledge retention.

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The forgetting curve in e-learning

The human brain is an outstanding organ capable of doing unbelievable things, yet it may not be able to keep things that we learn due to the forgetting curve. It means that we might even forget the most powerful of the e-learning experience due to this forgetting curve. The idea of forgetting curve was presented by Hermann Ebbinghaus who was a notable German experimental psychologist. He coined the idea that the human brain will forget any information that it learned if it isn’t put into practice. So, we have brought you tips and ways to help boost the knowledge absorption and retention to make the most out of any e-learning course.

Tips to boost knowledge retention

  •         Learners must be well aware of the reason why they are acquiring information that is being offered in a particular course to stay engaged. This will make their learning experience compelling and worthwhile. It is also imperative to encourage them to put the knowledge imparted through the course to practice to boost the knowledge retention.
  •         Assessing the learners after the completion of each module is also a great way to make them retain the knowledge. This step will help the professional to check the efficacy of their courses while assisting the learners to put their knowledge to practice.
  •         If you feel that some learners aren’t retaining the knowledge as good as their peers, ask them to attend follow-up sessions and schedule them within the week of the original course. Assess them at the end of the follow-up session to gauge their progress.
  •         Keep each e-learning module brief and concise to keep the learners engaged and prevent memory overload. This will allow them to absorb maximum information and commit it to memory.

Use these tips to boost the knowledge absorption and retention and enhance the efficacy of your e-learning course.

You have learned some of the basics of e-learning in this ebook that will help you in understanding how e-learning has become a trending mode of learning and what are its advantages. You also learned how to develop an e-learning course as well as evaluate its efficacy. Finally, you learned how to make the most out of an e-learning course by mitigating the forgetting curve.

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