What is e-learning?

The graph has been quite straightforward when it comes to online e-learning in education. Until the early 2000s, any form of schooling besides a classroom of students led by teachers was frowned upon. But then the internet came into being, and rest is just history. E-learning has ever since becoming the most rapidly growing industry with more and more people entering its vicinity with every passing day. The number of affordable e-learning solutions being launched in the market is ever-increasing. What you require is an excellent e-learning tool, and you are set to learn while bridging all the geographical gap which makes you feel as if you are present right in a classroom.e-learning has advanced so much that you can share the learning material in any format from slideshows and videos to PDFs and word documents. Webinars and facilitated communication with the professors on message forums has made it even more worthwhile.

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Moreover, there is a multitude of e-learning systems and methods available that allow for the courses to be delivered. The whole process can even be automated with the right tool as you can set the course material as well as take the automatically marked tests. In short, e-learning is an affordable mode of learning which facilitates the learners to fit education according to the lifestyle so that even the busiest of persons can excel in gaining new qualifications to take their career further.

The Internet has played a huge role in some significant developments as far as education is concerned. Everyone today is well-versed in using the smart devices which have made running an online course instead of a simplified task. Social media, message boards and various other forms of online communication have made it possible for the learners to stay in touch and virtually discuss course-related matters to resolve any issues, etc.

Furthermore, with the e-learning technologies increasing day by day, making a new online course exciting has become all the more comfortable. This has also helped the employers in providing e-learning training to their employees to keep them up-to-date on the industrial developments as it is utterly essential for any business to grow. We have brought you a comprehensive account of the advantages of e-learning as well as its impact on businesses. You will also be given the steps to develop an e-learning course along with evaluating its efficacy. And finally, you will be given a brief account of what e-learning professionals should know about the forgetting curve to get the most out of their e-learning experience. So, let’s get started.

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The advantages of e-learning

Those amongst us involved in e-learning already are well-aware of its benefits. It has been used by more and more people every day due to its flexible nature, the additional learning opportunities that it offers and the career advancement that can follow. Each one of us is learning one thing or the other through the internet these days intentionally or unintentionally. Whether you are watching a video regarding the training of a new application you installed on your smartphone or are taking up a training program for your corporate firm, e-learning is everywhere. Let’s take you through some of the advantages of e-learning that has made it a favorite mode of learning.


E-learning makes it possible to create new policies, and transform new concepts and ideas into reality quickly. Whether it’s for formal education, corporate training or entertainment,e-learning is agile.

Consistency in educating, the colossal target audience

E-learning enables the educators to convey their message to a vast target audience while ensuring that the news gets through to all of them with consistency. As a result, all of the learners receive equivalent training and learn.

Higher education retention rate

Different learning approaches when blended help to enhance the education retention rate. It is also possible to update the coursework whenever required.

Saves resources

This one is the most widely known advantage as it saves resources like time and money as it eliminates the requirement to travel or stay away from workplace while also removing the need for a classroom.

Activity and ROI measurements are effortless

You can use any learning management systems in order to deliver your e-learning while keeping track of the progress of each learner as well as reporting on all the activity seems to be a piece of cake.

Carbon footprint eliminated

E-learning helps to reduce the paper-based assessments and the need of paper altogether thus removing the carbon footprint.


E-learning provides flexible timing to the students as well as employees to learn according to their convenience and at their own pace. You can also train the staff in remote locations consistently just like on-site training.

These were some of the advantages that e-learning offers, next let’s show you what impact does e-learning has on businesses and the corporate world.

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