E-Learning: The Future of Education

The earth is changing with the early development of science and technology. The disappearance is going on in the four walls of the prison education system. Now education means global thinking, global communication. Just two decades ago, which was far away, now it is in the hands. It is using so popularly in the modern communication system in education. And it is changing so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up the news of its development. This inclusion in education has been possible through e-learning. In this article, memozing will discuss e-learning from the beginning to the present and consider how much it will go forward in the future.

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What is E-Learning?

E-learning is the method of learning directly from the Internet or through electronic equipment. The popularity of e-learning has increasingly increased to the present generation of young people. In this method, it is possible to prepare yourself at a time convenient at home during the process. Since there is no problem in the hard-to-reach class, so conveniently there is a chance to continue the learning process. E-Learning system Separated in many ways from the conventional education system. In general, when a student studies on any subject, there is less scope for education in other disciplines. However, the full exception of e-learning. There is also a chance to participate in other studies or activities. The most significant advantage is not to go anywhere, class. Sitting in your own house is possible. You can get an education through e-learning while sitting at home.
At present, e-learning is one of the most discussed topics. In the country or abroad, its triumph is everywhere. This education system is becoming increasingly popular due to the hard-hitting education system. Everyday technology is getting better and better. The world is changing to the touch of technology. And it’s going to change with a lot of things. The education system is no exception. There has been an enormous change in the hands of computers and computers. The knowledge is no longer limited to books. If there is a smartphone or a computer with internet connection, it is a matter of commonplace nowadays to be able to acquire skills on different topics. E-learning made this possible to gain knowledge from everywhere.

The History of the E-learning from the beginning to the present

In ancient times the education was limited to the palace, or to the center of the learning. There was no access for ordinary people. Islam recognized the equal rights of education in the first person’s birth. In Islam, a scholarship made for every person, and one hour of knowledge does declare better than a thousand nights of worship. After thousands of years, the recognition of the rights of every citizen to acquire education into the French Revolution. The Soviet Socialist Revolution did not cease to support the education of every citizen as the only right, unleashing all the opportunities to educate every citizen, compulsory education for all and forced every Soviet citizen to pursue knowledge.
The state spent and spent all the expenses of education. As a result, human civilization entered a new era. Education in capitalist society is like a profitable product like other industrial products. The western capitalist countries are the producer of this commercial product, and the world’s poorest countries are its helpless consumers.
Under this system, the poorer countries emanate all their capabilities, whose expertise educates them. The wealthy nations of the West buy them for more money. As a result, the illiterate people stayed in the developing countries. They could not contribute much to national growth and prosperity because of fo their alliteration.
There was a question, ‘would the education entrance to the people of the country be blocked forever?’ Human education educators are looking for a solution to the problem. After almost half a century of radio discovery, they found answers to this question in the 1960s. Radio started using education work so that the lucky people of the school can learn to sit at home.
This arrangement of free education creates a rift in the world. But a problem was not solved in this system. That is when the educational programs are broadcasted on the radio if someone cannot listen to it or listen to it once for a reason, what will be the listening system again? The arrangement for the program was repeatedly, but when it was the desire to hear it was not happening.
Another discovery of science was the tape recorder, that was easy or free of distant learning. Until the end of the last century, our technology was dependent on this technology. Then the video was linked to it. Now it is easier to see the teacher or to do something for the teacher. After the computer becomes available and the usage strategy becomes much more accessible, the computer technology changed the distance learning system. Firstly, a floppy disk, compact discs, audio, and video disks in a concise time made it easier for ordinary people to participate in education.
After this technology started, a revolution happened when the Internet communication system discovered. Immediately after the discovery of the Internet, revolutionary changes occur in almost all the activities of the world. As well as good governance, transparency, accountability claims, the faster it gets started e-governance, e-banking, e-learning, etc.
In one word, the use of electronics is now used to wear life. Do not understand when the desktops, laptops, and prompts have become tense, but the latest mobile app based applications or short apps are available. For the benefit of mobile apps, the world is now at hand. Electronic technology based modern education is called electronic learning or short E-Learning.

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The use of E-Learning

The technologies that mentioned from the radio to mobile apps are all included in e-learning. That is, these education technologies are technologically significant, the technology that is now available and affordable. E-learning is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. This technology allowed the teacher’s video clip, digital content to view again and again. Even Skype, the invention of video conferencing technology, actually helped to keep teachers and students away from the face. Social media Facebook, Twitter, etc. have been added. These two communications channels are viral among the younger generation, now making a revolutionary change in education. Smartphone-based apps have added to the ultimate. There are many more websites online, such as memozing.net, which play an essential role in e-learning.
It is being speculated that in the next decade, mobile apps will dominate the education. However, in this era of rapid change of technology, sooner, new technologies will be left behind in mobile apps technology. In this way, e-learning has opened new possibilities for education. This system has reduced the labor of people as well as the time and money saved by multiplied times.
The medium used in e-learning is 1. Screencast, 2. E-portfolio, 3. EPVSS, 4. PDA, 5. MP Three Pesner, 6. The website, 7. CDROM, 8. E-Discognition Board, 9. E-mail, 10. Blog, 11. Wiki, 12. Chat, 13 Education management software, 14 Educational Animation, 15. Surveyor voting, 16. Virtual, and 17. Educational games.
Three types of e-learning: 01. Computer Based Training (CBT), 2. Internet-based training (EBT) and 03. Web-Based Training (WB) This education system is a global one. In any country in the world, it is straightforward to take part in online (live) classes with internet connected computers. Traditionally when a student studies on any subject, there is less chance of reading about any other issue. E-learning has changed the concept.
Students or professionals can be involved in e-learning in other activities. Its primary advantage is that it is possible to achieve international degrees from its own country without any visa complications and extra fees. Online websites have the most prominent role in e-learning. The daily education sector is going ahead with the new education articles every day. E-learning is now so much popular around the world.

The Future of E-Learning

Multimedia classes, digital content, and textbooks have been digitized in advanced countries long ago. Classrooms in all those schools are also fully digital. Virtual Classroom has been launched. In developing countries, the effect of the e-learning system is also underway. The whole world is spreading through e-learning. Digitization of the conventional education system is given maximum importance to meet the basic needs of people like education.
In continuation of this, e-books and multimedia classrooms have been introduced in the education sector of different countries. E-books and multimedia students using modern information and communication technologies make learning more accessible for students to take education. The government is encouraging the use of technology to come out of the math and use of technology. It is a kind of creative way, through which to enrich your talent. The government emphasizes e-learning with that goal.
Many educational institutions around the world have introduced their online education system as well as online-based education for their students. Some organizations have been created or creating online courses for interested in exchange for specific fees. This kind of trend is also to be seen in communication and journalism education. The world’s largest news agency is choosing e-learning tools to enhance their knowledge of professional skills and journalism on the newsmen.
Since it is not available directly in the class, this system can be educated online at your convenience. Many people are taking part in the virtual class of the famous university sitting in the house all day. The e-learning system has reduced the cost by reducing the distance and also reduced costs. Various students, who had stopped studying for various reasons, could even start learning through e-learning again. An interesting aspect of learning through electronic devices is that it is possible to get the latest information here. As a result, it is easy for people of any profession to make the right decisions.


Simultaneously, using computers, mobile, online, software, TV, radio, DVD, VCD, the projector can make learning fun for any old person. It is possible to present mathematical, geometry, physics and many complicated subjects in English quickly. Where power and the media mentioned, it is possible to use this opportunity right now. Students will raise questions about what is not understood after watching the video. The teacher will discuss only through the formula of this question. You can add new examples. According to the website of the University of Phoenix, just more than 1 million students from the United States last year took an online degree in different subjects. The report published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the job opportunities for e-learning graduates are increasing daily.
After analysis of all the aspects, it can understand that e-learning has been able to influence the whole world. E-learning is inevitable to make education system time-bound. The e-learning role of the education system will be far-reaching. If there is no reason to worry about the future of e-learning. It can ensure that the e-learning expansion will be far further. E-learning is going to be realized all over the world.