Global Village

When people from the same village want to meet each other, they can communicate with each other at any time. Thinking, experience, culture, customs – many things can exchange among the people of a village. With the Internet becoming available, Virtual communication has become easier with people in any part of the world. People living in different countries, but they can exchange ideas, experience, culture, customs, etc. by online now. The whole world has become a virtual village. This is called Global Village.

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What is Global Village?

Global Village is a situation where all the people of the world live in a single society and serve each other using electronic media and information technology. In the concept of Global village, the whole world considered as a village. Wherever anyone can connect with someone in a hurry, like a villager. According to Oxford Dictionary:
‘The world considered a single community by telecommunication.’
The main goal of information and communication technology is to create an informative world. There any person can access information by using appropriate technology at any time from anywhere in the world.
History of Global village
Marshall McChuan used the word of the Global Village first time. He was a professor and famous philosopher of English Department of Toronto, Canada. He wrote about Global Village in the book ‘The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man’ in 1962. Then in the book ‘Understanding Media’, in 1964, he discussed the matter in detail. During his time, the technology did not go too far. But he realized that by using the technology, the world would be closer to a village.

The element of Global Village

The main components of the establishment of Global village are:


To exchange any information in Global village, it needs suitable hardware tools. Hardware products include computers, telephones, mobile phones, satellite, radio, television, etc.


The Software needed to establish Global Village. The software includes a variety of operating systems, browsing software, etc.

Network Connectivity

The Backbone of the Global Village is Connectivity. That’s why we have an internet connection on our computer or mobile wherever we are.


Data is the main component of the Information. Data is used to process information and transfer to other.


Among the components of the Global Village, one of the capabilities of a human being is one. As the global village is largely technologically dependent, its application depends on the awareness, literacy, and capacity of the information technology.

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The advantages of Global Village


Communication is the main part of Global village. Communication means the way to exchange information. People may or may not be able to communicate information from the device to the device. The medium may be sound, electricity, electromagnetic radiation (light or radio-wave). With the help of ICT, communication with everyone is irresistible, regardless of the nation-continent, race and caste. People do not need to go to a far-off country to contact people. Only through a phone dial or net dial is possible to contact someone at the moment.
According to Oxford Dictionary, the communication is-
‘Imparting or exchanging information by speaking, writing or using some other medium is called Communication.’
That means, if we want to share any information with each other, then the process we use is communication. And through the Global Village, communication has become much easier.


Mail is the digital version of the letter. Its full meaning is electronic mail. That is, e-mail is a means of using electronic media to exchange messages. In the same way, the message that people communicated through the mail system did do in the same way through e-mail, people can exchange information. Each e-mail user has different addresses which are unique. Everyone has a secret password for security. Currently, you can send or receive instant e-mail from any location through computer or smartphone.


Telecommunication refers to the process of interpersonal dialogue between multiple people through telecommunications. Anyone from anywhere in the world can teleconference by using this system. If someone sends their message, text, pictures, graphs, video, etc., then all those participants get that information. Participants may wish to keep their information confidential in themselves. It also has created a Global Village.

Video Conferencing

By seeing the monitor or screen facing each other, the process of mutual dialogue between multiple people called video conference. Any person from one place to another or from another country can do video conferencing through an internet connection. Presently, video conferencing is used to communicate with job interviews, medical, education, and friends. People of our country now easily do video conferencing using Skype or Yahoo Messenger.

Education and research

Research has become much easier for this Global village. We can learn anything from one click on how far the research has progressed on one topic. If we want to work with a researcher, then it’s very easy to communicate with him for the Internet’s progress. Or maybe we can get some data that are useful for our research.

Office and Home Automation

Think that, when you return home, launching the AC from your mobile so that you can feel comfortable in the presence of AC, so how could you feel? This is actually possible for the Global Village and Internet. It’s called Home Automation. Not only this, you can e-control the door lock, fan, lights, etc. It is currently just the right technology to use. In addition, if a thief entered the house, the notification will be sent to your phone. You can count how many employees in the office presently, many things can do from far away.

Business and commerce

Once upon a time, the trade was meant to be sold only in a particular place. But now there is no bargain of business. The products of one country are being sold easily in other countries. Or, the products of any country can easily order from online. All of these have been made possible by Global Village and for the use of the Internet. The electronic commerce is called short e-commerce. This is a modern business process. Businesses and transactions can manage through the Internet. In fact, electronic commerce is digital data processing and transmitting business transactions between individuals or organizations. Generally, this work is performed by a network, which opens to all.
As a result of Internet development, the people of third world countries get employment opportunity by working outsourcing in other countries. Many job sites are creating jobs for the unemployed. The unemployed students can able to work on it. And earning financial well-being. Global Village is playing a light role in this regard.

Contributions to the education

Global Village has made outstanding contributions to the education. Because education is expanding through online libraries, online universities, video tutorials or e-books. Students can do different types of courses online. Also, students can increase their skills with tips from different university teachers if needed. There is another point to mention ‘Creating Digital Content by Teachers’ in Education Enhancement. This matter has been a significant contribution to current education.
With the help of multimedia, it is easy to present students with pictures on different subjects. Using the interactive educational software, it is very easy to teach children different things. There are numerous CDs on educational topics. Through e-learning, you can acquire education or knowledge from various educational institutions around the world. Even in one country, any student from another country can get a degree with online exams. The online or Internet-based education system has introduced in the present world. The student can sit in the house and get knowledge on different subjects. They can discuss with the educational institution and the teacher.
Students from different countries or places can get a good idea about sharing information among themselves. Students of different countries participate in online exams in the same question all over the world. Using e-library, you can study from anywhere in the world by sitting in a student’s room. In this case, Global Village is actively contributing.

Role in Medical Science

In modern medical science, the role of the Global Village is a lot. Different doctors are doing the main services online at home. This service is available from country to country and abroad. Various types of therapies provided through virtual realities in the medical field. Numerous types of virtual realities are being used to monitor the patient’s condition during operation. Virtual Reality is also used to diagnose modern medical treatment. Through the telemedicine, medical services can provide everywhere. The telemedicine is a modern medical practice. By using this method, it is possible to treat remote people in the village through specialist doctors.


The government of a country is always ready to improve the quality of life of the people. But not directly interacting with the public, it is not possible to make quick decisions and implement it. If communication between the village and the city area can establish, it will be helpful in improving the quality of life of the people of the country. The government will speed up the work, reduce the bureaucratic complexion. It will be easy to ensure the free flow of information, transparency, and accountability. At will only be possible if e-governance or electronic government system can implement.
Global Village is playing an outstanding role in this field. It has developed a relationship between the people of the country and the government. The government is now easily aware of the reaction and problems of the people of the country. So, it became possible to solve their problem easier. As a result of communication between the people of one to another place, the fraternity formed among them. As well as, it is increasing their standard of living.

The Brotherhood has become strong

Through the Globalization or Global Village, the whole world is in a central point. Global Village is extremely effective for keeping contact with many of our friends, loved ones, relatives, who stay abroad. We can maintain regular contact with them through various social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Mail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Yahoo, etc. We can share the words of our mind with them. And our brotherhood is getting stronger. All of this happened in the welfare of Information and Communication Technology and Global Village.


However, the real global village is said to be the Internet’s virtual world. There is more than one-third of the world’s people connected to the virtual platform of the Internet. The whole world is getting closer to the welfare of ICT and made a big network of a global village. This article discusses important aspects and benefits of Global Village. I hope you get the knowledge of Global Village through this article. And it will help you to increase your learning.