Machine learning

There are many people who are very interested in machine learning. But, they did not know much about machine learning due to the correct guideline. MemoZing provides today’s guideline for them. You will get some guideline by reading this article.
We will discuss machine learning later. However, in short, if a machine can learn by itself or predict based on the experience, then the system can be either Intelligent or ML Activated. Currently, machine learning has become an important factor for any engineering department. It is very important to learn it for data analysis, classification, prediction. Big data, Data science, and Artificial intelligence are involved in Machine learning. Currently, ML’s different theories are applying to the general web app or mobile phone so that the application you use is more intelligent and can gain the ability to understand your mind.

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What is machine learning?

Before starting machine learning, let’s look at some definition of it. In this regard Arthur Samuel said,
‘Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed.’
Suppose, a Bipedal (humanism or two-legged) robot can learn to walk by itself, without a specific walk program. However, the robot learning algorithm may obtain used. We can easily write a program for a Bipedal Robot walk. But that walk cannot be called intelligent anyway. If an embedded system is programmed for that only if it does that specific thing then how can it be intelligent? If the behavior of the device changes with change, then it can be called an intelligent.

According to Tom Michel,
‘A computer program is said to learn from experience E with respect to some class of tasks T and performance measure P, if its performance at tasks in T, as measured by P, improves with experience E.’
We can explain this definition by an example.
Well, I made a machine that could play chess, then we can write the following parameters like this,
E = Slow machine plays a 500-bit compilation set chess
T = chess game machine Task
P = The machine does not win or lose the game
According to the definition,
If the number of machine games increases (E) as well as its win rate (P), then the machine really knows how to learn.

The steps of Machine learning

Machine learning algorithms divided into four categories.

Supervised Learning.
Unsupervised learning.
Semi-Supervised learning
Reinforcement learning

Supervised Learning

The program trained on some pre-determined datasets. Based on that train data, the program decides. This is the supervised learning. As the mail is not spam or spam, this decision takes based on the previous data. This is the example of supervised learning.

Unsupervised learning

Some data may provide to the program in unsupervised learning. The program decides to depend on the data. Such as a basket of fruits. The program will divide different results, into different categories, this is an example of unsupervised learning.

Semi-Supervised learning

Semi-Supervised Learning is a combination of supervised and unsupervised.

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Reinforcement learning

Actually, humans or any animal learns something like that, trained in the same program in reinforcement learning.
Siri, Cortana is the successful applications of machine learning. After uploading an image on Facebook, it will automatically detect the image’s person. It happened only through machine learning. If machine learning can apply more effectively, then our whole technology will change the world. Regularly this sector is developing.

The concept of machine learning

Bill Gates said that,
‘One of the biggest successes in machine learning will be equal to ten Microsoft.’ Machine learning is a great subject of computer science. Generally, we give some instructions to the computer, the computer works accordingly. But in the case of machine learning, we say some processes, the rest it learns itself and works accordingly. For example, we have all the weather data to a computer program in the past. Our program will provide weather forecasts through that data analysis. We do not tell the computer what to do. The program analyzes past data and tells us what the weather is like tomorrow. This is machine learning.
If we give data to the computer program, it cannot be analyzed. We have to give some instructions on how to do data analysis. How to use the algorithm, etc. If you do this, the rest of the work machine or program will do itself. Now the small app also requires machine learning. The application of machine learning implemented in many areas of data mining, natural language processing, image recognition, expert systems, computer science and artificial intelligence.

The use of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a section of artificial intelligence where intelligence system created through datasets or interactive experiences. Machine learning technology is using a number of fields, including Cybersecurity, Bioinformatics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics. The most basic work of Machine Learning is to check the data classification, such as an email or website comment spam. There is currently a lot of research on Deep Learning or Deep Network, which is mainly used in the Convolution Neural Network. At present, machine learning at the industrial level is very important. Everyone should know some machine learning methodology. Many things in machine learning will overlap with data science, but the main goal of machine learning is to build a predictive model.

The importance of machine learning

Now you may say that, why we need to know about machine learning? There are requirements for machine learning. For example, consider the self-drive car. When there are many cars in front of the road while driving on the road, there are people, there may be roads in the street, there may be electric sticks on the side of the road, and another car may move faster from the front. Think of how many things are together.
So, in this situation, everyone has to scan everything and determine their importance. It will not be that someone will push a man while trying to save the road. When you see a small bottle in the street, you can move across the entire car and go to the other side. With machine learning, you can teach the computer about it. And as a result, what should do during the time of the need, the computer will understand itself. There is also the importance of machine learning for numerous work.
How will machine learning help to build my career?
Machine learning is a very wide range of patterns, ranging from artificial intelligence to pattern recognition. Every day, work with lots of data. This data is processed by a large number of companies like Google, Microsoft, through a pattern recoding. That’s why it’s so comforting to search Google. Regardless of the mistakes, it decides, you can watch videos on regular programming on YouTube. Seeing them for a few days, it will give video suggests that you think this video is what you wanted. That happened by machine learning.
What you need to do in careers is that it is your matter. If you are a doctor, you can make rough programming, some ML, some with Data Science and a little bit of NLP (Natural Language Processing) or NLU (Natural Language Understanding). Artificial brain, which may lead to disease symptoms and disease prevention. When you go around, you may be able to treat minor diseases as a brain e doctor made as a chatbot.
If you are interested in computer science, the machine learning will be so much effective for your career. You can work on artificial intelligence. If you have a huge knowledge, then you can be got a job in the much high-quality company such as google, youtube, facebook, etc.
If you think your app requires music/ video/blog post commentation to be set. Or you need smart spammer blockers on your website. Or if you click on an ad on your website based on some parameters, the machine learning flaw will be very useful for you.

Machine learning and the future

We now learn programmers such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc., learn machine learning in a few years as well. That means ordinary programmers also need to know about Machine Learning. Actually, not many years, now the machine learning has the highest demand. In the general program, we say a program that will work. We give data to machine learning programs, from that data the program creates programs in its own way. That’s the difference. We can solve all the great problems through machine learning.
It may seem that something worthwhile machine learning is not really difficult. Those who have the idea of programming, there are ways to learn mathematics that have been read by the medium. There are tons of online tutorials available online. There are a number of libraries to help machine learning, such as scikit-learn for Python, Google’s TensorFlow, Apache Spark MLlib, Microsoft’s Azure ML Studio etc. The theory of Machine Learning may be a little difficult, but after making basic ideas, it is making it much easier to do the practical work these libraries. These complexes have implemented all the algorithms. We just have to use. Just know what algorithm or a library is best for their program.
The program has to train the program with training data in machine learning. There are many data online. There are also many classifiers, which train with training data. Inception to work with such images. This is Google’s best image classifier. It has been trained on 1.2 million image data. With so many images, it took two weeks to train inception. We can easily use the inception to classify an image.
Google has many tutorials on machine learning. Most of the resources that Google uses for this, open source. Google has a few tutorials called Machine Learning Recipes.
The Internet is a great platform to learn. There are many more resources on the Internet to learn. There are a lot of jobs for machine-learning experts in small companies, including companies like Google, Facebook. Regardless of the amount of talk about machine learning and new platforms are being created, the future of machine learning can be expected far away.


Hopefully, you know a lot about machine learning now. And by now it is sure that in the near future, everything will happen by computer. Hopefully, the post and today’s topic was very nice. MemoZing always tries to present something new to you. MemoZing unified role to take forward e-learning. MemoZing in the best e-learning sites of the period.